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    • Time off due to force majeure - the latest position of the National Labor Inspectorate (3)
      Already from April this year. employees can benefit from new leave due to force majeure. However, does an employee who wants to use it have to notify the employer about which family member had an accident and what exactly happened? How should "family matters" be understood? Can an employee apply for this leave of absence further in advance? The labor inspectorate issued a position explaining these doubts. Check the details.
    • Information on feeding breaks - the Ministry of Labor explains (4)
      New information on employment conditions includes, among others: point about breaks at work. However, contrary to previous assumptions - according to the Ministry of Labor - there is no need to indicate breaks for breastfeeding the child at this point. Check the ministry's new position.
    • Changes in fees before the labor court from 2024 (4)
      The amendment to the Act on Court Costs in Civil Cases is to come into force on January 1, 2024. After the amendment to the regulations - regardless of the value of the case - employees will not pay anything in respect of a claim submitted to the labor court. So what exactly is changing in terms of determining court fees in labor law cases?
    • Days off for a voluntary blood donor - position of the National Blood Center (6)
      The applicable regulations have permanently introduced the principle that a distinguished honorary blood donor or honorary blood donor is entitled to leave from work on the day on which he or she donates blood and on the following day. In practice, there are doubts as to how to understand the concept of "the next day". What is the interpretation of the National Blood Center (NCK) in this regard?
  • Recipes with commentary
    • Employing an employee before a final judgment is issued - watch out for changes in regulations (7)
      At the end of September this year. an amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure entered into force, which significantly affects the course of court proceedings in cases of appeal against notice or termination of an employment contract. This is the amended article. 477 § 2 and new art. 755 of the Code of Civil Procedure and limiting the court's freedom in assessing the validity of the employee's return to work before the final conclusion of the court proceedings.
  • Social Labor Inspectorate
    • Threat to health and life - application to the National Labor Inspectorate (PIP) as the right of a social labor inspector (9)
      The social labor inspector is not alone in carrying out inspection activities aimed at verifying the employer's compliance with labor law - in particular in the area of occupational health and safety. Social inspectors can count on cooperation with PIP inspectors. An example of such cooperation will be the possibility of submitting an application to the National Labor Inspectorate for a labor inspector to carry out an inspection in matters relating to threats to the health and life of employees. The social inspector has the right to submit such a request - in special cases it may even be a legal obligation.
    • Inspection by the National Labor Inspectorate (PIP) following the request of the social labor inspector (10)
      A justified request by the company's social labor inspector regarding matters that threaten the health and life of employees triggers an inspection by the National Labor Inspectorate inspector. Even though the inspector of an external institution will formally conduct such an inspection, the social labor inspector's right, and one might even say, legal obligation, will be to participate in such an inspection - after all, he initiated it himself.
  • Theme of the issue
    • Artificial intelligence tools at work – opportunity or threat (13)
      There has been a lot of talk recently about artificial intelligence (AI) and its possibilities. In addition to the numerous advantages, however, we cannot forget about the potential risk of incorrect or unintended use of intelligent tools and doubts related to the legal status of AI products. The discussion is open and regulations governing the provision and use of AI tools are still lacking. Regulations on the use of individual tools are trying to fill the gap, but this regulation is insufficient. Especially since the mentioned tools are gaining popularity in many areas of life, including occupational health and safety. What are the consequences of using AI tools without the employer's knowledge and consent? Can an employee be fired for using AI at work?
  • Questions & Answers
    • When to develop an explosion risk assessment (16)
      An explosion hazard assessment is provided if technological processes are carried out in the facility using materials that may create explosive mixtures.
    • How to mark internal roads (17)
      Roads in buildings should be clearly marked with continuous stripes of a clearly visible color (taking into account the color of the ground), preferably yellow or white. The regulations do not specify the width of the line, it is usually 10 cm.
  • Accidents at work
    • Lack of sick leave and post-accident proceedings (18)
      An accident at work is a sudden event caused by an external cause, resulting in injury or death, which occurred in connection with work. In the case of an injury, we usually deal with sick leave. However, sometimes there may be doubts about the impact on post-accident proceedings if doctors do not issue a sick leave to the injured employee. Is this an argument not to take action to determine the circumstances and causes of the accident?
  • Warunki pracy
    • Burnout, overwork and chronic stress – how to take care of an employee (19)
      As many as 2/3 of Poles experience symptoms of burnout, and 75% indicate an increase in stress in everyday life. A major role in the increase in work-related mental problems was played by the change in work model and duration, and, consequently, the disturbance of the balance between professional duties and private life. These disturbing statistics indicate the need for action, especially on the part of employers.
  • Occupational health and safety training – experts answer
    • Can the framework training program be modified? (20)
      The framework program is clearly defined in the regulation. However, the employer may specify the topics in a program created on the basis of a specific framework program.
    • Whether to conduct training after promotion to foreman (21)
      The training regulation indicates that a training unit may be, among others: an entrepreneur conducting educational activities under the principles specified in the Entrepreneurs' Law. The provisions on technical work safety do not indicate additional obligations related to entries in other registers of training activities.
    • Which training group should a water meter reader be included in? (21)
      The employer must decide to classify a specific job position in the plant to the appropriate employee group subject to training. You should use the instructions included in the framework training programs.
  • Court decisions
    • Following the changes to the Labor Code, unequal treatment of an employee is considered discrimination (22)
      Compensation under the Labor Code is due in every case of unequal treatment of an employee, which, after changes to the Labor Code, is practically legally identified with discrimination.
  • Occupational health and safety instructions
    • Occupational health and safety instructions for carpentry work (24)

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