Polityka Społeczna (Social Policy) 2020/05-06


  • Motivation and satisfaction of kindergarten teachers
    The article presents a system of motivating teachers in private and public kindergartens, including teachers' opinions on the effectiveness and efficiency of this system. The text is based on research conducted among teachers in several kindergartens and on the Internet. It presents the principles and forms of motivating in private kindergartens against the background of those used in public institutions, since teachers compare these principles and expect the owners to introduce similar solutions. The wages of teachers were compared with wages in several other professions with similar and lower qualification requirements, and then the factors currently determining the level of wages of various teachers. The article presents the opinion of teachers about currently the most motivating and demotivating factors as well as the assessment of the directors' actions towards increasing motivation, as well as the level of teacher satisfaction with work in kindergarten. Teachers' suggestions for changing the motivation system in private kindergartens were presented. There are two important conclusions from the research. First of all, the scope of motivation forms in private kindergartens is much smaller compared to public institutions and is limited mainly to monthly wages. Secondly, teachers in the kindergartens studied, despite dissatisfaction with the forms of motivation and the level of wages, are engaged in working with children and perform their duties diligently.
  • Organizers and coordinators of family foster care
  • Support for employment and self-employment of persons with disabilities
    The purpose of the article is to present legal regulations regarding professional activation of disabled people. In the Polish legal system, there are various forms of support for the professional activation of people with disabilities, ranging from taking up employment by a disabled person in a sheltered workshop, hospital, university, office or company run as a sole proprietorship. Vocational activation and reduction of unemployment among people with disabilities still remains a challenge. People with disabilities are often isolated in the labor market, which contributes to the deterioration of their living conditions. The problem of professional activation can and should be considered from two perspectives: hired work (employment of a disabled person) and running your own business. The paper presents various types of instruments that can be used in the process of professional activation of people with disabilities
  • Social minimum in the fourth quarter of 2019
    The article discusses the estimates of the minimum subsistence baskets in the fourth quarter of 2019. Compared to the previous survey (third quarter), with inflation indicating a 0.6% increase in prices, the value of the baskets has fallen from 0.9% (on a 1-person household) ) up to 1.3% (in a family with a younger child). The decrease in the value of the baskets was mainly caused by a decrease in food prices, especially vegetables. Expenditure on housing maintenance and energy carriers on households without children fell slightly, and increased slightly in the other types. The lower dynamics of housing expenditure was partly due to the necessary technical adjustments.
  • What's up at Davos?

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