Polityka Społeczna (Social Policy) 2020/04

  • Impact of the level of education on employment of employees (1)
    The article presents the impact of the level of education on the employment rate of employees in the European Union. This relationship is derived, among others, from the study of employment rates of graduates aged 20-34 from the last three years according to the highest education obtained. Another way to study the impact of the level of education on the employment of young people is the employment rate of graduates one year after graduation. The article also notes the impact of the level of education on the transition from school to work. The impact of the level of education on employment is also reflected in the unemployment rate.
  • The fifth level of the Polish Qualifications Framework in the contexts of education and the labor market (8)
    The purpose of the article is to answer the question about the placement of professionals in the Polish Qualifications Framework (PRK) and answer the question, what distinguishes them and where is their place - whether in the education system or only outside it? The article aims to familiarize readers with the specificity of full and partial qualifications assigned to the fifth level of PQF, all the more so because some of the newly introduced solutions still need to be refined.
  • Medical care for foreigners in Great Britain (17)
    The article presents solutions for the care of foreigners in the British healthcare system. It presents the conditions related to the migration situation and the way the system works in the United Kingdom9. It also describes actions taken to ensure access of foreigners to medical care. Under British law, primary care is available free of charge to anyone in the United Kingdom. Actions taken in Great Britain can be a reference point in finding solutions that can be introduced in Poland to ensure equal access to medical care.
  • Varia
  • "Social dialogue in the mirror of time". 25 years of the DIALOG Social Partnership Center Andrzej Bączkowski (29)
  • New releases (32)

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