• Occupational medicine clinic
    • Psychotechnical examination of a person with a suspended driving license for driving under the influence of alcohol (1)
      Nowadays, the fight against the problem of drunk drivers on the roads should be a priority. The key in this regard are sobriety checks and effective punishment of perpetrators, but above all prevention - prevention, information and education in this area and reliable examinations of drivers.
    • Hematological disorders in the practice of an occupational medicine physician (4)
      Disturbances in the morphotic elements of peripheral blood are often found during preventive examinations. What aspects should an occupational medicine physician pay attention to in such a situation?
  • Legal Comments
    • The diagnosis of pneumoconiosis requires the presence of a specific type of lesion on the X-ray image (8)
      The basis for the diagnosis of pneumoconiosis are changes found on a full-size X-ray of the chest, assessed in accordance with the classification of the International Labor Office. Check what chest examination results should be included in the overall assessment for the diagnosis of an occupational disease.
    • Preventive medical examinations of remote employees (12)
      Remote work introduced into the Labor Code can be performed both on the basis of preliminary arrangements at the stage of employment and after concluding an employment contract. With respect to remote employees, despite the fact that in the vast majority of cases they work in safe conditions at their place of residence, occupational medicine services also perform duties in the field of preventive health protection - especially in the field of occupational medical examinations.
  • Forms
    • What should be included in the entry in the register of doctors conducting preventive examinations (15)
  • Calendar of changes
    • Latest legal changes (16)

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