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    • Economic activity and civil law contracts vs. preventive examinations (1)
      The form of employing employees on the basis of civil law contracts (contracts) has recently become very popular, especially in health care. It allows for a more flexible organization of work in the event of staff shortages due to the possibility of circumventing labor law standards. Are persons conducting business activity, performing work for another entity on the basis of a civil law contract, subject to the obligation to perform preventive examinations?
    • Psychological examination of the probation officer: how to conduct it (5)
      Probation officers, just like judges and prosecutors, are obliged to obtain a psychological certificate confirming the absence of contraindications to practice the profession before starting work. We remind you of the most important rules for issuing these certificates.
  • Legal Comments
    • Company first aid - arrangements and supervision of a doctor providing preventive health care for employees (7)
      The company first aid system should be organized in consultation with the doctor responsible for preventive health care of employees. The regulations do not respond to practical doubts that may arise in the relationship between an occupational medicine physician and an employer with whom the basic occupational health service unit has a signed contract. Find out how to organize your workplace first aid.
    • What may result from the lack of reactions and diagnostic tests not performed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (11)
      In one of the cases conducted by the Supreme Administrative Court, the court stated that the Institute of Occupational Medicine failed to perform one of the tests and basic diagnostic tests. This meant that the institute did not use all available research methods, and the sanitary inspector asked for an explanation why such tests were not carried out to confirm or exclude an occupational disease. How to act in such situations?
    • Registration at the clinic using the mObywatel application is now possible (14)
      The mObywatel application was officially recognized as the third identity document, next to the ID card and passport. This means that it will be an important means of identification in all situations where proof of identity is required. This change will also enable patients to use the app when registering at clinics and hospitals.
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    • What should be included in the Referral for a medical examination of a teacher in order to issue a medical certificate on the need to grant health leave (15)
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    • Latest legal changes (16)

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