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    • How to promote long professional activity - a new guide (1)
      Preventive and promotional activities are the duties of occupational medicine physicians. There are many educational materials to use - especially those developed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine. Prof. J. Nofer in Łódź. The new publication is the educational material "Pro-health behaviors related to lifestyle in the context of occupational exposure" entitled “How to stay professionally active despite the passage of time and declining health? Why is it worth working as long as possible?”. What's in it?
    • Medical examinations of drivers - there is a new regulation (3)
      The new regulation on medical examinations of persons applying for driving licenses and drivers has been in force since December 6, 2022. Contrary to the regulations in force so far, medical examinations can be carried out in any center, not only in the center competent for the place of residence of the examined person occupational medicine.
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    • Lead in a shooting range employee - an interesting certification case in the practice of an occupational medicine physician (7)
      Occupational poisonings are now very rare, which is associated with a significant improvement in hygienic working conditions. The presented case is an interesting example of the possibility of such poisoning as a result of unusual occupational exposure. Find out more.
    • Hearing loss and disqualification for work with exposure to noise (10)
      One of the readers asked the editors whether the hearing loss of 30-40 dB in both ears at the frequencies of 3000-4000 Hz definitively disqualifies an employee from taking up work in exposure to noise? The patient hears a whisper from 6 m, but audiometry shows such a loss. According to the recommendations of the WOMP, does the assessment of work in noise concern noise at the workplace or under hearing protectors?
    • Psychotechnical examination of a young driver (11)
      Recently, much attention has been paid to problems related to accidents caused by young drivers. What you should definitely pay attention to is their high risk appetite, bravado and overconfidence. What should the psychotechnical examination of a young driver look like?
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    • Health condition of the driver of the car for business purposes (13)
      Possession of appropriate qualifications necessary to perform work, including a driving license that allows driving a passenger car, does not give grounds for allowing the employee to work with the use of a vehicle. Check what is necessary and what is the role of occupational medicine in this.
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    • Psychological certificate for the prosecutor (15)
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