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    • Abolition of the obligation to examine hunters - opinion of an occupational medicine physician (3)
      The abolition of mandatory medical and psychological examinations for hunters by amending the laws in order to eliminate unnecessary administrative and legal barriers will postpone the obligation to examine hunters for an indefinite period, with all the consequences related to safety. what does it mean?
    • Medical certification on the ability to bear arms (3)
      Medical certification on the ability to possess a weapon is one of the more difficult aspects of the activity of an occupational medicine physician. Conscientious and responsible performance of the investigation directly affects public safety and can prevent serious consequences. What are the rules for performing such tests?
  • Legal Comments
    • Health programs and health policy programs - what is changed by the amendment to the Labor Code (7)
      The Act of December 1, 2022 amending the Labor Code Act is not only the introduction of the principles of controlling the sobriety of employees and remote work to the basic source of labor law. The Act adds regulations on preventive medical examinations relating to health programs or health policy programmes. Check.
    • New procedures for verifying the sobriety of employees - the role of an occupational medicine physician in their development (10)
      The amendment to the Labor Code gives employers the opportunity to introduce company rules for sobriety control. Since this has a direct impact on the sphere of employee safety, a doctor providing preventive health care for employees should participate in the development of such rules - within the scope of his competence. What should be the role of the occupational medicine physician in this task?
    • Employee psychological examination of drivers - selected issues from practice (13)
      Occupational preventive examinations may have a different scope. In some situations, they can be extended if the job requires it. An example of additional tests may be psychological tests of people who professionally drive vehicles for business purposes. How to carry out such research?
  • Forms
    • Instructions for completing a medical certificate for a probation officer (15)
      A probation officer may be a person who, among other things, is able, due to his health condition, to perform the duties of a professional probation officer or a social probation officer. To determine the state of health, the provisions on the examination of candidates for the office of judge are applied, i.e. the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 19 September 2014 on medical and psychological examinations of candidates for the office of judge. Check how to complete the certificate.
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