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    • Regulation on medical examinations of employees - work on amendment is underway (1)
      Legislative work is underway in the Ministry of Health to amend the Regulation of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of 30 May 1996 on medical examinations of employees, the scope of preventive health care for employees and medical certificates issued for the purposes provided for in the Labor Code. The modifications are mainly of ordering nature and adjusting them to the current wording of the regulations (inter alia, references to institutions that no longer exist will be removed).
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    • Difficulties in the certification of a candidate for a seafarer (4)
      A 20-year-old man with achondroplasia and wanting to become an electrician in the ship's engineering department came to the occupational medicine clinic. Get to know the case law and case description.
    • Recommendations for the test subjects - what to enter in this box (5)
      At the end of each test card, both in transport psychology and occupational medicine studies, there are "recommendations for test subjects". Many experts, however, skip this section. However, it is worth using the examination not only in the role of issuing no contraindications to work in a given position, but also for prevention purposes. Check how to do it.
    • Occupational exposure to blood-borne infections in the practice of an occupational medicine physician (7)
      Occupational exposure to blood-borne infections concerns primarily health care workers, although, as the described case shows, not only. What are the rules for performing preventive examinations in such a group of employees?
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    • Medical certificate as the only reliable means of evidence to establish an occupational disease (10)
      They are not sufficient to resolve the case of a medical certificate that does not refer in detail to all the evidence gathered in the case. The court commented on the important role played by medical certificates of units authorized to diagnose occupational diseases in the procedure of ascertaining an occupational disease.
    • Works prohibited for juveniles in occupational medicine - what changes are planned (13)
      A juvenile cannot perform any job, which is regulated by special provisions. It is worth knowing that changes are planned in the applicable regulations regarding work prohibited to juveniles, the knowledge of which is also important for the occupational medicine service. What will change?
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    • Latest legal changes (16)

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