• In the Parliament: National Labor Inspectorate's report with recommendation (3)
    Without a vote of objection, the Labor Protection Council approved the position recommending the Parliament of the Republic of Poland to accept the Chief Labor Inspector's report on the activities of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2021.
  • News not only from Poland (4)
  • Disabled people in the work environment (8)
    On June 21, 2022, the conference "Disabled people in the work environment - challenges or opportunities" was held.
  • At the conference on construction failures (9)
    The Chief Labor Inspector took part in the XXX Scientific and Technical Conference "Construction Failures", which took place on May 23-27, 2022 in Międzyzdroje.
  • Time to relax. What does labor law say about annual leave? (10)
    One of the principles of the holiday law is the prohibition of the employee to waive his right to leave, which demonstrates the non-transferability and personal nature of the entitlement. Therefore, this right cannot be transferred to another person. It is also not inheritable. Both the provisions of the employment contract and the agreement between the employee and the employer concluded during the term of the contract, on the basis of which the employee resigns from the leave, should be considered invalid.
  • Shared responsibility. Why is it necessary to know the health and safety regulations? (14)
    Provisions on health and safety at work - in order to protect human health and life - are mandatory legal norms. They set out one prescribed standard of conduct, from which there are no exceptions. Importantly, they bind both employees and employers.
  • Temporary change. Periodic assignment of another job to an employee (part 1) (18)
    The assignment of an employee to other activities for three months should be treated as a normal official order. After the end of the transfer period, the employee has the right to return to his previous job. If an employer intends to continue hiring an employee in a transitional position, he should give an amending notice, unless the employee expressly or implicitly agrees to the employer's decision.
  • The stubbornness of a labor inspector pays off. Court battle over the fund (22)
    As a result of a complaint lodged by one of the trade unions and the conducted control, irregularities were revealed in the calculation of the write-off to the company social benefit fund for teachers who are retirees, pensioners or teachers receiving teacher compensation benefits.
  • About safe construction - in theory and in practice (24)
    "We build safely and modernly" was the slogan of the conference, which took place on May 5, 2022 in Zielona Góra.
  • At the SAWO. Poznań, 2022 (26)
  • Debate on tower and quick-erecting cranes (28)
    On May 17, 2022, the conference "Public threats during construction works - tower and quick-erecting cranes" was held. The idea of the conference was to promote knowledge about public threats in the implementation of construction works. Participation in the conference also made it possible to exchange experiences among experts in the field of science, control bodies and representatives of companies from various industries.
  • How to build safely? The role of education in increasing safety at construction sites (30)
    Construction is a branch of the economy characterized by a high index of threats to health and life. The implementation of the construction process from the very beginning requires specialist knowledge and knowledge of legal regulations. It is a difficult and delayed process.
  • As alert as a safety laser scanner. Risk reduction through the use of optoelectronic devices (33)
    Safety laser scanners are protective devices that are becoming more and more popular. They are mainly used to protect people operating machines and in warehouse management.
  • Safe metal processing - regulations versus reality (36)
    Verification of compliance with occupational health and safety regulations in metal plastic processing was the aim of the inspections that in 2021, on its own initiative, were carried out by the District Labor Inspectorate in Katowice. Labor inspectors wanted to determine whether employers correctly identify potential threats and what actions they take to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Forest training (40)
  • For the sake of well-being. Wellbeing and mental health as pillars of enterprise management (42)
    How to effectively support your own employees in achieving psychophysical well-being, spiritual balance and life energy needed for the functioning of the individual and the company as a whole? Listen, understand, reorganize the work environment.
  • Appeal to farmers (44)
  • Safe in the countryside. Final of the art competition for children (45)
    At the National Institute of Rural Culture and Heritage in Warsaw, on June 15, 2022, the summary of the 12th National Art Competition for Children "We have safe in the countryside because we know the risk of falls" was held.
  • Rally of National Labor Inspectorate Employees (46)
  • One step away from losing your life. Serious accident while operating a solid fuel boiler (48)
    An illegally employed smoker lost his right arm while operating a biomass hot water boiler. The employer allowed the boiler to operate without meeting the requirements for this type of energy device. The event took place 3 days after the entry into force of the amendment to the regulation on health and safety at work with energy devices.

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