• The Labor Protection Council with a dust explosive atmosphere (3)
    The subject of the meeting was, inter alia, the issues of hazards related to the presence of a dust explosive atmosphere in industry and agriculture.
  • News not only from Poland (4)
  • Man learns all his life - Roman Giedrojć's memory in an interview with Krzysztof Lisowski, the work superintendent
  • Leave benefits. How to calculate salary or holiday equivalent? (part 1) (8)
    The employee is entitled to the remuneration for the vacation that he would have received if he had worked at that time, and in the event of non-use of the vacation entitlement in whole or in part due to termination of employment - a cash equivalent. These benefits are not always calculated properly, which is confirmed by labor inspectors during inspections.
  • Temporary change. Temporary entrusting of another job to an employee (part 2)
    Temporary entrusting of another job is a kind of gate for the employer in the event of absenteeism in a specific position, caused, for example, by an employee's illness or other staff limitations. Pursuant to the Labor Code, termination of the current working conditions or remuneration is not required if the employee is entrusted with work other than that specified in the employment contract for a period not exceeding 3 months in a calendar year.
  • The safest farm in Podlasie. We know the winners of the provincial stages of the "Safe Farm" competition - time for a nationwide winner (17)
  • Competition "Safe Farm" 2022 (18)
  • Biocidal products during an epidemic. The word "antibacterial" is not enough (20)
    We all remember the beginning of the epidemic and the first information about the need to fight the coronavirus. Disinfectants then became a necessity product. Everything that had antibacterial properties was disappearing from store shelves.
  • Dangerous work, or what? Principles of compiling a list of jobs that pose a threat to health or life (23)
    The provisions of the labor law in many places indicate the need to establish a list of jobs that pose a threat to the health or life of an employee. They do not mention specific works, but only provide general guidelines for their specification. It is the employer who is obliged to independently define such a list. Practice shows that lists created by employers are very often incorrectly established, and therefore do not fulfill their function.
  • Academy of Social Labor Inspection (SIP) (26)
    The SIP Academy is a series of training courses organized by employees and inspectors of the Prevention and Promotion Section of the District Labor Inspectorate in Łódź, which are aimed at social labor inspectors from the province of Łódź. Lodzki.
  • Under the supervision. Safety inspections of hydrotechnical works (28)
    For several years, a number of investments have been carried out on the Oder to regulate the river, which is to reduce the risk of flooding and navigating the river. Labor inspectors monitor the safety of work there on an ongoing basis.
  • The dangers ignored. Culpable no responsibility (32)
  • By trading on Sunday they revealed their sins (35)

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