• In the Parliament: Remembrance of victims of accidents at work (3)
  • News not only from Poland (4)
  • The safety aspect in the use of drones in construction (4)
    The first drones, mainly due to the high production costs, were created for the military and this is where they were used - unmanned aerial vehicles were sent to places where manned missions could be too dangerous. They were also used for exploratory purposes. From the entire genesis of remotely controlled machines, it can be directly inferred that they were created to ensure human safety.
  • Report on the activities of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2020 in the Parliament (6)
  • About occupational hazards at the SAWO conference (7)
    The National Labor Inspectorate together with the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute organized a conference on April 25, 2022, "Physical strain, stress, noise, viruses - factors of occupational hazards and causes of incapacity to work". The aim of the conference was to present the problem of the influence of harmful or dangerous factors on the health of employees in the work environment.
  • Safety in the performance of specialized geotechnical works (7)
    The implementation of construction investments is more and more often associated with the performance of specialized geotechnical works, and this requires safe preparation of the work front in terms of the working surface. The article describes the key elements that should be taken into account when implementing work platforms, legal issues applicable to geotechnical works as well as documents and guidelines specifying minimum standards ensuring safety.
  • Discretionary bonuses, bonus-awards and prizes. Employee right to a bonus (Part 2) (8)
    The employee's right to an additional component of remuneration for work in the form of a bonus has recently been implemented through the use of various types of additional cash benefits by employers.
  • What can a labor inspector do? Powers of a labor inspector under the Code of Civil Procedure (12)
    Powers of labor inspectors are precisely described in the Act on the National Labor Inspectorate, although this is not the only source. The Code of Civil Procedure also provides support in the performance of tasks of supervision and control of compliance with labor law. the possibility of appearing before a court in cases to establish the existence of an employment relationship.
  • Tunnel construction with the use of TBM machines - analysis of occupational safety hazards occurring at individual stages of the construction process (12)
    For many years, TBM discs have been the most popular technology enabling the drilling of communication tunnels. The constant development and improvement of individual systems and elements of cutting discs enables the construction of larger and larger tunnel structures without restrictions in terms of soil and water conditions. This technology is safe for buildings located near the tunnel route.
  • Work safety hazards related to automation and robotization in construction (15)
    Continuous technological progress leads to an increasing dependence of construction workers on robotic and automated construction machines. Advanced robots, including autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, are becoming commonplace on construction sites. As a result, new risks arise from machine / robot-human interactions.
  • Application of conformity assessment requirements to new devices and technologies used in construction (17)
    For placing on the market or putting into use a product that does not comply with the essential requirements, is not labeled, without a declaration of conformity or instructions, there is a severe penalty. It results directly from the provisions of the Act on the conformity assessment system. Also, on the basis of the relevant provisions of the Labor Code, for equipping the workplace with a machine that does not meet the requirements of the provisions on evaluation, its user - the employer / entrepreneur organizing work for his benefit - is also severely threatened.
  • They know their rights in Kielce (17)
    On April 28, 2022, the finals of the 9th edition of the competition for secondary school students "Know your rights at work", organized as part of the "Culture of safety" educational program, took place at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw.
  • Final of the 9th edition of the "Know your rights at work" competition (18)
  • Territorial as workers. Soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces - rights and obligations of the employer (20)
    With the establishment of the Territorial Defense Forces, a number of obligations were imposed on employers hiring soldiers. The practice so far shows that various issues related to this, such as the recovery of costs incurred by employers in connection with the employment of Territorial Defense soldiers, should be clarified.
  • List of light works. Employment of adolescents (24)
    In the case of employees who have not reached the age of majority at the time of employment, the legislator does not provide for any form of employment other than an employment contract. Moreover, for this group of workers only employment for light work is foreseen. Approval of the list of light works by the labor inspector is an administrative act.
  • Greater Poland Celebration of the Day of Safety and Health at Work (27)
  • Remote work a salvation or a nuisance? (30)
  • The information campaign of Tygodnik Solidarność for refugees from Ukraine (32)
    Almost three million refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Poland since the beginning of the war. These are people brutally torn from normal life, forced to flee suddenly to an unknown place, mostly women with children, who decided to seek safety and peace in Poland, the country of Solidarity. The editors of Tygodnik Solidarność, with the support of their partners, decided to facilitate their beginnings in our homeland.
  • He confused the brake with the throttle. A haircut from a tragedy in a car repair shop (33)

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