• In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland: the Council supports the legislative proposals of the National Labor Inspectorate (3)
    The Labor Protection Council adopted a position on de lege ferenda legislative proposals submitted by the Chief Labor Inspector.
  • News not only from Poland (4)
  • On work safety at trade fairs (6)
  • Three premises. Employee right to a bonus (part 1) (7)
    The condition for a benefit to be considered as a bonus and a component of remuneration for work is the existence of a conditional arrangement. In the absence of such an arrangement, the benefit cannot be considered a bonus.
  • Guilty by authority. Potential misconduct liability of external entities performing activities for the employer (12)
    The presented considerations concern the liability of and persons who are not employers and employees for selected offenses specified in the Labor Code.
  • A leader setting new trends - an interview with Emilia Rutkowska, SKANSKA project manager (16)
  • Expected changes. Bridging pensions and the powers of the National Labor Inspectorate (20)
    Enabling an employee to submit an application for granting him the right to a bridging pension while still in employment and extending the competences of labor inspectors are some of the proposed changes included in the draft amendment to the Act on bridging pensions.
  • Under the inspector's magnifying glass: Unconscious evil - real threats. Twenty illegal builders (23)
    An inspection of the local construction site by a labor inspector identified a company from Stargard that trained builders without the required accreditation and issued illegal certificates.
  • Shops under special supervision. Not every object in the transfer junction is a station (24)
  • The ugly duckling. Obligations of the manufacturer of the partly completed machinery (28)
    To become a complete machine that can be used for a specific application, the partly completed machinery needs to be further upgraded. For this to be possible, a number of strict conditions must be met.
  • The mill grinds, many defects (33)
    The employees of the mill in the vicinity of Rzeszów filed a complaint against the employer who neglected to provide the crew with cooling drinks and personal hygiene products. The inspection of the labor inspector from the District Labor Inspectorate in Rzeszów showed that this neglect is only one of many negligence.
  • The loneliness of the inspector. Labor inspector sometimes becomes one of the victims himself (33)
    A fatal accident at work is always a trauma. First of all, for the victim's family, his colleagues and the employer. But not only for them.

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