• In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland: Jarosław Leśniewski deputy Chief Labor Inspector. Positive about the budget and the candidate (3)
  • News not only from Poland (4)
  • Chief Labor Inspector's Awards (5)
  • Employer - safe work organizer competition (6)
    The competition "Employer - organizer of safe work" has been carried out by the National Labor Inspectorate for over 25 years. This year's XXVII edition was under the honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland, Elżbieta Witek.
  • Laureates and honored in the competition Most Active Social Labor Inspector (11)
  • Memory: Robert Parkita (13)
  • Allow or deny? The position and powers of the trade union during the inspection of the labor inspector (14)
    The principles of cooperation in the field of labor protection are regulated by an agreement concluded between the National Labor Inspectorate and trade union centers. The document defines a general framework for cooperation, including in the field of prevention, information and promotion, training, didactic activities or providing substantive assistance, however, no trade union was indicated as a body authorized to participate in the inspection of a labor inspector as a party.
  • WORK + NATURE - TECHNOLOGY. O! ZINAKI WORK 2020: Photo and film competition CIOP-PIB (18)
  • Dad on maternity. When can the father of a child be entitled to maternity leave? (20)
    The right to maternity leave is granted to women - employees after giving birth to a child. The purpose of this regulation is to enable the working mother of a child to regain full strength after pregnancy and delivery, and to ensure that the child is looked after by the mother during the first weeks of life. However, the Labor Code provides for situations in which, by way of an exception, maternity leave will be granted to the child's father.
  • Exemplary build. Good Accident Prevention Practices (25)
    The construction industry is classified as one of the types of activity associated with an exceptionally high occupational risk. The purpose of this article is to disseminate and promote the best practices in safety planning at construction sites.
  • A prescription for health. CIOP-PIB social campaign (28)
    The CIOP-PIB research carried out in the spring of 2020 indicated that, due to the epidemic situation, many people limited the already insufficient physical activity. Hence, the Institute, implementing this year's social campaign "Active at work", devoted to promoting physical activity of working people, also focused on encouraging various forms of physical activity of people working remotely.
  • Deviations from lighting and recesses. Two independent authorities decide on the same case (30)
    The provisions on exceptions to lighting and recesses are not consistent. Their duality is troublesome both for the authorities issuing administrative opinions or decisions, and for the applicants themselves. The jurisprudence of the courts is helpful in the interpretation.
  • Explosive chemistry lessons. Risk related to hazardous chemical agent (34)

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