• News not only from Poland (3)
  • Chief Labor Inspector presented the action program of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2021. The committees adopted the National Labor Inspectorate's reports for 2018 and 2019. (4)
  • Unusual situations. Salary for work at a monthly rate (6)
    The article discusses situations in which the calculation of the amount of remuneration for work set in the monthly rate is not so obvious and may cause problems.
  • Dad on Maternity - Part II (11)
    In the previous issue of "Labor Inspector" we presented some cases in which a man - the child's father may take maternity leave. In this issue, we present more examples where this exceptional situation may take place.
  • Go unpunished? Undeclared activity: employment legality audit study (14)
    Without going into the details of all the rules governing the functioning of undeclared activities, it is necessary to indicate several important regulations that affect the issues of controlling the legality of employment.
  • Experts of the National Labor Inspectorate provided advice to readers, listeners, internet users (17)
    Over 60 phone calls in editorial offices of newspapers, radio stations and on internet portals throughout the country are the result of an information campaign conducted at the request of the Chief Labor Inspector during the last two weeks of November 2020.
  • Great information campaign of the National Labor Inspectorate in the media (18)
  • Everything under control. Machine controls - requirements (20)
    Controls are the parts of the control system that detect input sent by the operator, usually by direct pressure with the hand or foot. They are used to start and stop machines and change the process of their work.
  • Relativity theory. Activities of the crane operator and his working time (24)
    The basic issue that needs to be clarified when analyzing this issue is the legal nature of the provision regulating the crane operator's working time. The answer is of cardinal importance for the analysis of the obligations of employing entities in this respect.
  • Don't upset your horse. Occupational health and safety causes in agriculture (29)
    In recent years, agriculture has changed significantly in many respects. Therefore, a labor inspector faces problems and threats, which also result from technological progress.
  • A stroke of luck. Fall from height (34)
    The person supervising work safety should organize work in a manner consistent with the provisions and principles of health and safety at work. Her tasks include observation and control of the way work is performed in order to correct improper behavior that may pose a threat to both the employee and his environment. For occupational safety, the mere fact of the existence of such a function is not sufficient if the manager forgets to comply with general health and safety regulations.

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