• New quality of deal (1)
  • It has to be more secure (3)
  • An effective way to deal with problems with expansion joints (7)
    The currently used common solutions often do not take into account or marginalize the problem of smooth and safe work in the areas of expansion joints. Their condition is influenced by many factors, but the end result is always chipping of the expansion edges, cracks, and often local damage to the floor. It can be seen particularly quickly in places with heavy or intense traffic or where we have extreme temperatures or contact with an aggressive environment. Often these are cyclical, burdensome and very costly problems.
  • Leader of good work safety practices (9)
    Last year, all the services involved in work safety processes experienced an exceptional experience, the pandemic forced radical changes in the organization of work. Security has taken on a completely different dimension and importance for the processes of storage, warehousing and distribution of goods.
  • Procedures counteract threats to our fleet (11)
    In the current global and national pandemic situation, it is very difficult to prepare and conduct any competition, in particular related to warehouse and work safety.
  • The right pallet guarantees the safety and profitability of storage solutions (13)
    Each of us has come across pallets - usually wooden structures - on which goods lie. Although they are often not taken into account, they are of great importance for the proper and economic functioning of warehouse equipment.
  • There is a shortage of forklift operators on the market (16)
    From the beginning of the pandemic, the e-commerce market in Poland is growing in strength, and with it the logistics industry. The development of e-commerce contributed to an increase in the demand for specialists in the field of warehousing and internal transport. The most wanted employees at the moment are forklift operators with licenses of the Office of Technical Inspection and warehouse workers.
  • Anxiety and anxiety affect work efficiency during a pandemic (18)
    In 2019, every second employee complained about the impact of stress on work efficiency, and in 2020 every third. At the same time, since the outbreak of the pandemic, more people have started to experience feelings of anxiety, anxiety (33%), mood disorders (31%) and sleep disturbances or lack of sleep (26%). The coronavirus pandemic, which reached Poland in March 2020, violated the existing model of work organization, and thus reorganized the list of factors influencing its effectiveness and exacerbated some of the accompanying diseases.
  • A proprietary training program for warehouse operations managers (20)
    More than 150 line managers: Crew, Shift and Line Managers take part in the six-month training cycle that has just begun. "Zone of the Leader", organized by FM Logistic in Poland. The project aims to develop competences in the field of leadership and personnel management, but also to strengthen the operational skills of the management of warehouse activities. FM Logistic is one of the few logistics companies that direct employees at this level to leadership training.
  • Round anniversary of the UIC EUR pallet (21)
    The standardized EUR transport carrier, which is an integral part of international logistics and goods distribution systems, in May this year. will celebrate its 60th anniversary . The International Union of Railways (UIC) took the initiative in 1961 to use a "standardized and interchangeable pallet" within rail organizations, and an agreement was signed on May 11. This date is the date of the creation of the European Pallet Pool (EEP), in which the use of the UIC EUR pallet is organized and managed by authorized entities.
  • Pallet in automated warehouse solutions (23)
    The current development of warehouse technology is directed towards process automation in line with the Industry 4.0 trend. automation is entering the warehouse more and more boldly, taking on the transport, storage and picking of various carriers, including pallets with goods. In order for automation to bring tangible benefits, the system itself must not only be reliable, but also fully adapted to carrying pallets with a load.
  • Full automation vs. Employees equipped with technologies (26)
    Poland remains at the forefront of European countries in terms of demand and the amount of space put into use , and the expectations for the development of the industry in 2021 are high.
  • The forklift market after the epidemic (29)
    Following the epidemic-related slowdown in growth in 2020, analysts predict that 2021 may bring a rebound on the global forklift market. Hand in hand with quantitative changes will be further popularization of modern technologies.
  • Safety work shoes (31)
  • Strength in the group (33)
  • Trendy work safety in storage in 2021 (37)
    Although to some extent already learned to function in a pandemic, the experience of COVID-19 may prove to be a catalyst for lasting change in the area of security in logistics. What trends are visible in early 2021?
  • The new safety system for trolley reversing (40)
    STILL Polska introduces as an option the Reversing Warning Plus system which prevents collisions by detecting pedestrians near forklifts and warns the operator and people in the vicinity of the vehicle about the danger.
  • RFID Questions and Answers (41)
  • A new dimension in warehouse automation (43)
    The first ABVs that unattended transported finished products or production components in industrial plants were created over half a century ago. In the last few years, an improved type of internal logistics system based on AMR, i.e. autonomous mobile robots, has also appeared.

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