• The dependency process (1)
  • Principles of conducting remote inspections by the National Labor Inspectorate (3)
    The pandemic has changed the face of the economy, there are areas that will not return to the pre-pandemic state, the progressive digitization of the economy introduces a new quality in business communication. The control bodies were forced to change the control activities. The National Labor Inspectorate, adjusting its inspection obligations, introduced rules of remote inspection of enterprises. The data is available on the website of the National Labor Inspectorate.
  • Agreement on cooperation (6)
    Conducting joint research projects and information campaigns on health and safety is provided for in the cooperation agreement concluded on 10 June 2021 in Warsaw between the National Labor Inspectorate and the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute.
  • Actions of the National Labor Inspectorate for the development of responsible employee policies (7)
    On May 28, 2021, the National Labor Inspection published the "CSR Guide to a safe and sustainable work environment", which suggests what investments companies can undertake to build responsible employee policies in areas such as employment and labor relations, social protection, social dialogue, training, as well as occupational health and safety.
  • UIC EUR standard (9)
    When we speak of the "UIC standard", we always mean UIC Codes - these are sets of various standards describing all possible areas related to transport, not only by rail. For our readers, the UIC 435 Code dealing with the subject of Euro pallets is of paramount importance.
  • Processing of forklifts in accordance with directive ATEX 2014/34 / EU (13)
    in March 2021. Company Pyroban , dealing with security, he applied his first UKCA sign for explosion-proof forklift truck, next to the CE mark. After BREXIT, Pyroban , based in West Sussex, England, now applies the UKCA mark to all shipments destined for work in hazard zone 2 or 22, confirming that they have met the required standards.
  • The development of the Office of Technical Inspection in the new reality (14)
    It is very difficult to predict what the world will look like in the coming years and what the new normal state will bring to all of us when we finally deal with the pandemic and the resulting changes. The dynamic business environment, which back in 2019 was referred to as VUCA (variable, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), should be supplemented by the COVID-19 epidemic with a few more layers full of question marks, and at the same time constantly evolving. Regretting the hardships of the times in which we exist, however, does not change the fact that we have no choice but to face them.
  • When comfort brings safety (20)
    As is well known, an accident is such a strange thing that it never exists until it happens. And when it does happen, you need to establish its cause so that it never happens again.
  • Sustainable development as a product operating philosophy (23)
    The Utz Group has always had a strong environmental awareness. The first mentions of commitment to environmental protection appeared in the 1999 product catalog, however, being truly green means being carbon neutral, using energy used in production intelligently, reclaiming it for reuse and applying the latest technologies. that protect the environment.
  • Certified warehouse (26)
    The warehouse owned by FM Logistic serving the FMCG sector client in Mszczonów once again under the FM Fresh brand, obtained 100% in the International Featured Standards audit . Thus, the logistics operator renewed the IFS Logistics certificate, which means meeting the highest possible standards of quality and safety of the supply chain for chilled fresh food products in the field of transport, storage and picking.
  • Polish landscape stock (28)
    Small and large objects BTS and multi-let , in the cities and on the outskirts of the west and east, north and south - Polish warehouse market is getting Brdo varied and thus also interesting. There is a growing demand for modern warehouses that fit into diversified supply chains and respond to modern conditions and customer needs. And how is the Polish map of logistics facilities shaping now and how will it change in the near future?
  • Investments of the Small Business Units type (31)
    Logistics parks, the areas of which can also be flexibly adapted to the smaller needs of clients, are more and more often considered by developers, especially in the Warsaw market.
  • Cleaning and grooming floors (32)
    The industry requires solutions that are dedicated to this industry, which know its specifics and will cope with the numerous challenges associated with working in this sector. Karcher, the leader in cleaning technology, presents effective ways to keep seedlings clean. And cleanliness in industry is always correlated with a word that cannot be overestimated in industrial production, which is safety.
  • Comfortable and safe workwear protecting the knees (35)
    The knee joint is the largest joint in the human body and at the same time one of the most complex muscular and bone structures. His injuries are not only more or less discomfort, but also a particular threat to people working physically, especially when kneeling. How can properly selected workwear help to protect this sensitive locomotor system?
  • PAS System - Internal Audit Tool (37)
    In companies where Lean Management activities are carried out, audits are also performed. Therefore, auditors regularly visit production halls, warehouses and offices, checking if the standards and required procedures are correctly followed. Competent employees spend their valuable time manually creating the analysis , and the results of the audits are ready a few days later. Theoretically, the effects of these activities should be positive. However, is it really in line with the idea of Lean Management? Operation in accordance with this concept is possible thanks to the software for automating the audit process.
  • The benefits of fleet management systems B to X (39)
    There are still companies where it is inconceivable not to own a used forklift truck. On the other hand, leasing and long-term rental are gaining popularity. They can be (and often are) complemented by: authorized service provided by the supplier's service, digital fleet management packages and consulting, in which, based on the collected data, experts help the customer better select trucks, accessories and infrastructure. How do such business relationships function and what can the users of internal transport devices benefit from them? The implementation of such solutions at Belron , Denso , K- flex and XPS Flow was analyzed in this respect .
  • Implementation of automatic storage systems (42)
    Protech is a company that manufactures central heating boilers and provides steel processing services. In 2017 due to the significant growth of the company and the need to increase the level of production, the company faced the challenge of organizing an effective and efficient system for storage and transport profiles długośco up to 6 m. It was decided to implement the two automatic rack TwinTower company Baumalog . An important requirement for the contractor was to create a system that could be expanded in the future along with the further development of the company.

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