• Unique Time (1)
  • Report: Occupational safety in Poland 2020 (3)
    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, almost half of employers expect investment suspension, and every fourth employee - a reduction in wages.
  • The positive impact of the pandemic (6)
    We are in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, companies have mastered the authorities' recommendations regarding keeping distances and epidemic control. The Central Statistical Office provided data for the first half of the year - the time when world economies, including ours, were becoming, learning to function in the new reality.
  • Technology as the key to employee safety (8)
    Optimization of time for specific activities and care for employees' health - for this purpose, Nagel-Group checked the route of 580 routes of 37 employees in 48 areas of the warehouse, which gave as much as 3.3 billion of collected data. A unique pilot project has brought important conclusions. What?
  • Euro-pallet - quality features (12)
    Years of experience and reflection, supported by knowledge and experience in rail transport, have brought an achievement whose value we are already forgetting. In 1961, the Open European Pallet Pool was established . The presence of Euro pallets on the market has become a standard and despite the fact that they have been with us for almost 60 years, it remains unchanged despite the "advanced age". The idea of ​​a universal, and at the same time ecological load carrier, already conquered the market. And today? Today is still number "1"!
  • We always propose optimal solutions (17)
  • Requirements for the floor in a high-bay warehouse (21)
    A modern high-bay warehouse must be safe and functional. It should be designed so that material flow and logistic operations are carried out efficiently and without risk to the safety of workers. In this context, not only high-quality storage systems are important, but also the quality of the floor.
  • The FEM industry standard for warehouse floors (25)
    Today, decisions to build a warehouse are often made only in investors' offices. You design a warehouse without knowing what it will be used for and to whom. As a consequence, inefficient warehouse spaces are created, because the buildings and the customer's goods stored do not match the building. Incorrectly selected racks and inadequate machines lead to serious failures, primarily to defects in warehouse floors. The FEM organization published an industry standard for floors in 2018, paying attention to many important issues. Who in Poland applies these recommendations today?
  • Method for precise identification of floor damage (28)
    I came across industrial floors that were to meet the highest flatness requirements a few years ago. During the geodetic service of the hall, the work manager asked me for help in the construction of an industrial floor. The team had trouble maintaining quality despite good equipment and many years of experience. The idea was to prepare a floor that would meet the standards of VDMA, DIN 15185, DIN 18202, TR 34 without sanding.
  • Technology of making a seamless floor in a logistic warehouse (31)
    One of the critical elements in any industrial or warehouse facility is the flooring. Its load-bearing capacity, durability and even surface determine the proper course and continuity of the facility's operation, and the need for possible repairs may turn out to be very burdensome and costly.
  • High bay warehouse (39)
    The issue of the construction and subsequent use of warehouses is very extensive and depends on many factors and stakeholders' points of view. Let us look carefully at this complex matter, let us discuss the most important issues and present our conclusions.
  • Examples of PRSES duties (45)
    The content of the article is based on the provisions of the PN-EN 15635: 2010 standard. The provisions result from good practice applied in enterprises in Western Europe, taking into account work safety requirements. The aspect of safety in the warehouse is very important, because, for example, according to the data of the Central Statistical Office, in the first half of 2020 in Poland, 2,042 people were injured in accidents at work in transport and storage, including 12 fatalities, 4 severely, and 2,026 people with a different effect.
  • 1,000th Jungeheinrich ETV 216i forklift (48)

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