Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Standarization) 2020/06

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    • Keep up with cooperation (4)
      Successful cooperation with business partners is a rather long-term commitment and work ethic that strengthens trust between organizations and people.
  • From standardization work
    • Don't be afraid, get ready (8)
      When it comes to managing the company in difficult times, CEOs and company owners count on perseverance, knowledge and the ability to adapt to both their own and their environment. With a bit of luck and thanks to a flexible approach, companies can survive unforeseen circumstances and even come out stronger than before. the solution is a business continuity management system.
    • Employee involvement - ISO 10018 (12)
      Are you looking for the latest employee engagement practices? Look no further. The arrival of ISO 10018 is to revolutionize the market - it is designed for even the most innovative organizations. Learn how to involve people in your quality management system and increase their participation and competence in this system.
    • Circular economy (14)
      In the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC), the requirements for the circular economy (GOZ) are assessed by the Advisory Committee on Environmental Issues (ACEA), which provides the Standards Board (SMB) with guidelines on matters related to the environment, and the Technical Committee IEC / TC 111, which develops horizontal standards for environmental issues.
    • Mind games (18)
      Virtual reality, telemedicine and artificial intelligence are used to treat mental illnesses (Al.). These technologies improve patient access and the results are satisfactory.
  • Technical Bodies - May (22)

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