Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Standarization) 2020/07

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    • Shaping a sustainable future (4)
      Standards can simply be defined as agreed modalities that provide relevant guidance to stakeholders to minimize risk and operate more efficiently. With a number of key players involved in sustainability and incorporating it into their practices, ISO provides a guide to ensure clear statements.
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    • Sustainable Construction (10)
      The construction industry is a key sector in national economies with great potential to reduce poverty through the services and spaces provided, not to mention jobs. Thanks to its significant resources, it has a direct impact on the economic and social conditions of life, affecting many other aspects, including health, safety, well-being, etc., it is a very important pillar of a sustainable society.
    • AI management standards and customer trust in the organization (16)
      Innovative technologies are increasingly used to improve systems and services. Robots and people work together in factories and offices, while cars and planes use automated systems to ensure safe and efficient travel.
    • Information Technology for Smart Cities (20)
      IEC has developed many standards that are very important to the efficient functioning of cities. More than 1,800 standards necessary for cities have been identified in sectors such as energy, lighting, transport and place services. However, smart cities require a holistic approach. As a result, IEC adopts a system methodology that better captures the complexity of smart cities.
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