Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Standarization) 2020/05

  • Polish Standardization Day (3)
    Every year, the Polish Committee for Standardization organized a thematic conference to celebrate the Polish Standardization Day. This year, May 20 will be an opportunity for us to recall issues for which standards were and still are key. Although we cannot meet at a joint conference, we hope that soon everything will return to normal and again we will be able to talk about standardization in the context of experts, practitioners and users in the context of important issues and changing trends.
  • News
    • School competitions of standardization knowledge (6)
      Competitions are usually in the form of written text - participants answer a number of questions. In the case of inter-school competitions, first there are school preliminaries, resulting in the team representing the school at the next stage. All competitions are covered by the honorary and substantive patronage of PKN, which helps in the substantive development of the competition and funds prizes.
    • Results of the VIII National Competition "Normalization and I" (10)
  • From standardization work
    • Standardization of measurement methods in the field of water analysis (14)
      In 2019, the monthly 'Wiadomości PKN' published an article entitled 'The meaning of standardized methods in water and wastewater research'. This article is a continuation of this topic with particular emphasis on the needs and limitations associated with the standardization of measurement methods used in water quality testing.
    • Building an elderly-friendly world (22)
      From robots to wearable devices - breakthrough technological discoveries help older people better cope with many of the disadvantages of old age. Thanks to IEC standards, these new devices work safely and meet the requirements of older people.
  • TECHNICAL AUTHORITIES - April 2020 (24)

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