• Security technologies (2)
    Data from the industrial and warehouse space market show record numbers of warehouse space under construction. Developers have full work to satisfy growing demand. All advisers unanimously state that such a good situation has not happened yet and there is no indication that something could change in this matter. The construction of the warehouse is a very complex and, despite appearances, extremely difficult task. Few companies in Poland are advised by specialized companies, as such a warehouse, adapted to current needs and taking into account the development of the company, should look like. In developed markets such consultations are a norm, with us they are rare, and a well-designed warehouse or logistics center is a guarantee of a well-functioning important link in the organization's structures
  • 10 conditions for the modernization of the battery fleet (4)
    As electric motors increasingly replace combustion engines in warehouses and production areas, the quality and efficiency of traction batteries is becoming a subject of growing interest. While traditional lead-acid batteries continue to be popular and reliable, newer and more innovative lead-acid technologies as well as alternatives such as lithium-ion batteries offer operators great opportunities to significantly improve their daily work strategy, reducing so-called. total cost of ownership.
  • Strong safety incentives (7)
    The activities related to work safety in the warehouse, coordination of security in the logistics warehouse operator's network, with Patrycja Ratajczak, Andrzej Szymkiewicz, the Main Health and Safety Specialist in Kuehne + Nagel.
    Storage facilities to support service activities (11)
    "Take the time to improve yourself by reading the works of other people to easily achieve what they have worked hard for," Socrates once said. In reference to this philosopher's thought, we have prepared this article describing the needs, experiences and solutions applied by one of our clients.
  • Self-supporting safety (14)
    The article discusses the issues of: construction safety in terms of its stability; safety of personnel during the operation of technical devices and loads; security of goods; fire safety of the structure and the entire installation, as well as the safety of personnel in a fire situation.
  • Learners Automatic objects and storage systems (17)
    The warehouses of the future will be equipped with IT systems using artificial intelligence, and more specifically, machine learning. Already, the leading suppliers of WMS systems cooperate with companies involved in this field, which will allow to develop fully-learners solutions for most warehouse processes.
  • Will robotization reduce the number of accidents at work? (21)
    34 percent of companies in Western Europe use robots in their operations. Polska in this respect is in the tail among EU countries, but changes are also waiting for our economy. According to the International Federation of Robotics, we are at the forefront of the countries where the number of robots used for work is the fastest. How do automation of processes and the development of modern technologies in business management affect people's safety?
  • Security in the tsl sector (23)
    The Central Statistical Office has just published preliminary data on accidents at work in the first half of 2018. It shows that in the Transport and storage sector there was an improvement - both the number of fatalities and those in general terms decreased. This is the first such case for several years.
  • Knowledge and awareness of competences (25)
    Tomasz Szymkiewicz talked with Tomasz Chojnacki, Development Manager at Metroplan Polska, about consulting in the design of warehouses and logistics centers in Poland and abroad.
  • Electronic system security (32)
    Modern forklifts - just like today's cars - are equipped with a range of electronic systems that increase safety, efficiency and comfort of work. What exactly can they do and in what situation can they help?
  • System safety of trucks for high-bay warehouses (34)
    Jungheinrich offers solutions for warehouses with an operating height of up to 18 meters (in the case of system forklift trucks) or even about 40 meters (in the case of rack stackers).
  • Safe WMS - So what? (37)
    WMS solutions manage the work of high storage warehouses. Thanks to them, it is possible to automate processes, eliminate errors and increase efficiency. Everything happens faster and more efficiently. Do any hazards arise in connection with the takeover by the WMS system of a part of the "power" over the warehouse? In theory, no. In practice, it is worth paying attention to two aspects: data security and work safety.
  • Topic of the issue: Warehouse in logistics projects (39)
    The purpose and functionality of the warehouse must be "affected" at the very beginning of any discussion about the construction of the warehouse. From this begins the whole tale.
  • Work safety in transshipment stations (45)
    Ramps and docks are the most important link in warehouse logistics. Falling from the ramp can be a serious threat. To prevent such accidents and reduce danger, Hormann, a manufacturer of gates and doors, has developed the MWB wheel blocking system.
  • Devices with the safety mark (46)
    Jarosław Wozniak and Bartosz Bydłowski from Stabautech on the importance of proper selection of forklift equipment and the safety of using the equipment in the warehouse were interviewed by Andrzej Szymkiewicz.
  • Safety is the priority (51)
    The application of appropriate solutions affecting work safety in modern warehouses is an issue that can not be discussed. Fortunately, the awareness of investors and warehouse managers is already considerable in this area. All organizational methods and technical solutions count.

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