• Needed INSPECTOR (2)
  • Putting security first (4)
    Over the last year, Dexion specialists familiarized you with the basics of warehouse security, discussed international and local standards, and showed how professional reviews work and what to focus on. In addition, we tried to present the best tools to improve safety in the warehouse and how to use them correctly.
  • Safe and economical lighting in high-bay warehouses (8)
    In high-bay warehouses, the same standards apply as in the lower facilities. Due to the distance between the ceiling and the floor, providing sufficiently good lighting at the level of performing tasks is, however, more difficult and requires appropriate equipment.
  • Gates and loading docks, passive and active safety elements (11)
    Docking docks are undoubtedly the most important element in the equipment of loading platforms in storage facilities.
  • The transhipment area must be secure (12)
    Today, the correct and safe organization of work in the transhipment zone is the area in which the right technical solutions must be used. A secure warehouse is a pure profit. Practice shows that most enterprises understand this perfectly.
  • Quality, safety, performance (17)
    Outsourcing was not always associated with high quality of services. His primary role was once only to reduce the company's operating costs. These times are long gone. And even though today the financial aspect of the decision to use such services is extremely important, it is certainly not the only and not the most important one.
  • Audit vs expert inspection (19)
    There are more and more services related to security auditing on the market. Can we talk about something like a security audit in a warehouse? In this article the author presented the essence of the security audit, he tried to define the concept of security audit in the warehouse and presented practical requirements regarding the completeness of the documentation of storage shelves.
  • The company is people (22)
    Organizational culture is the nervous system of every organization. Thanks to it, there are systems of values and norms regulating the life of an enterprise. It is a particularly important element in the life of a company with a structure such as Seito Polska - divided into branches located in several places in Poland.
  • Trolley with subscription (24)
    Enterprises using forklifts and internal transport equipment in their operations are less and less owners of them. There are signals coming from the market that the access to the fleet is thought today rather in terms of services, not investments and assets.
  • Dancing with palettes - finale 2018 (27)
    The struggles of the top 20 forklift operators from all over Poland. Two categories: high level jigsaw and transit obstacle course as well as extraordinary skills, precision and security in a variety of competitions. This is how, briefly, you can describe the grand finale of the competition "Dancing with pallets", which took place on December 10, 2018 in the largest logistics center of the Raben Group in Gądki.
  • One thousand days without an accident (31)
    In its annual report, the National Labor Inspectorate, summarizing the control activities in 2017, noted an increased level of interest in the security problem in the transport and storage sector. In this area of activity of the companies, entities conducting commercial activities (57%), industrial plants (27%) and logistics and distribution centers (7%) were inspected.
  • Lithium-ion safety (36)
    The lithium-ion batteries that are becoming more and more popular stand out from the older technologies not only because of longer working times, greater flexibility of charging and longevity, but also by the safety of use. Although they are much easier to use, you need to take care of several things during implementation.
  • The bright future of the battery (39)
    About lithium-ion batteries, their impact on the market, advantages and disadvantages of this new qualitative energy source, as well as the development of the battery market, its divisions and the situation of suppliers - an interview with Mariusz Szewczyk, the owner of EnergyOn.
  • How do you choose a company for the shelving review? (44)
    Quality. About this notoriously overlooked and simplified property in today's industry and business, Professor Tadeusz Kotarbiński wrote many books whose intellectual level had to achieve a high degree of philosophy in order to be able to spread the concept of quality into prime factors. Of course, with success, because what would you expect from one of the world's largest praxeologists, philosophers and pioneers of the science of pragmatics?