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    • Robots on the first line in the fight against COVID-19 (4)
      The latest article in Science Robotics suggests that robots may be an effective resource in the fight against COVID-19. They can be used for disinfection, drug and food delivery, as well as for measuring vital signs. IEC develops International Standards and develops conformity assessment programs for many technologies used by the aforementioned robots, including sensors, batteries and semiconductors. IEC / TC 47 works cover the issue of sensors in many publications, including International Standards for components used in various sensors. Care robots and other assistive robot devices belong to the broader category of Active Assisted Living technology. All of them have been designed to improve the quality of life of users and enable them to lead independent lives through the use of information and communication technologies.
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    • CES technology trends for 2020 (8)
      Over the past 10 years, there has been talk of the Internet of Things and how it connects devices and people, but basic human intervention, monitoring and feedback were still required. By incorporating artificial intelligence (Al), which begins to permeate every aspect of consumer technology and human life, it turns into the intelligence of things. Intelligent devices go from autonomy to becoming elements within a network of intelligent things with absolutely minimal human intervention. This is a trend that will probably dominate the next decade in the field of consumer technologies.
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    • Brain strength (14)
      The brain contains about 100 billion microscopic cells called neurons, which together can produce enough electricity to power a low-power light bulb. Scientists, researchers and future technology companies are studying ways to use this energy to remotely control devices.
    • Green future of industry (18)
      Industry is increasingly aware that by emitting greenhouse gases (GHGs), it contributes to global warming. It also produces difficult to remove waste that can pollute the environment. IEC International Standards help enterprises introduce more environmentally friendly production processes.
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