• Occupational medicine clinic
    • Psychological examination of an airport employee (1)
      Working at the airport is difficult, employees are responsible for the safety of passengers who come from different countries, may be under the influence of alcohol or very stressed. Therefore, an airport employee is treated as a qualified security employee and the psychologist examining him/her must be authorized to examine people using weapons.
    • Clinical case of acute occupational silicosis requiring lung transplantation (4)
      Pneumoconiosis is usually a chronic disease that develops insidiously. Learn about an interesting case of acute silicosis, diagnosed in a young worker after a short exposure, which resulted in qualifying for a lung transplant.
  • Legal Comments
    • Judgments stating contraindications to possessing weapons - changes in the appeal procedure (7)
      The procedure for appealing against medical and psychological certificates issued during the procedure for issuing a firearms license has been simplified. Pursuant to the amended Act on Weapons and Ammunition, an appeal may be submitted to any selected authorized doctor or to an authorized psychologist, through the doctor who issued the decision.
    • The role of an occupational medicine doctor in determining groups of employees subject to company sobriety control (11)
      The occupational medicine doctor performs a broadly understood advisory function towards the entity with which the basic unit of the occupational medicine service has signed a contract. The same applies to the introduction of company rules for verifying readiness to work - in terms of sobriety and the use of substances that act similarly to alcohol. In such cases, the key issue is to properly and objectively determine the group or groups of employees that will be subject to company inspections.
  • Forms
    • What should be included in a medical certificate on incapacity for work for employees subjected to specific exposures (15)
  • Calendar of changes
    • The latest legal changes (16)

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