• Review of new legislation in the field of occupational medicine - May 2020 (1)
    • Regulation of the Minister of Health of April 6, 2020 on the types, scope and specimens of medical records and how to process them
  • COVID-19 was considered an occupational disease (2)
    The Ministry of Health has recognized COVID-19 - an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus - as an occupational disease, if as a result of the assessment of the working conditions it can be found indisputable or with a high probability that it was caused by factors harmful to health occurring in the work environment or appeared in connection with the way the work was done.
  • What has changed in the provisions on medical examinations of employees during the epidemic (5)
    At the time of the epidemic, the provisions on preventive medical examinations of employees are changing. For the time of the epidemic, they solve problems with conducting preliminary, control and periodic examinations of employees and issuing referrals for these examinations.
  • How to remotely conduct an occupational medicine examination (6)
    During the coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine entered the cabinets of occupational medicine doctors. How to provide health services in this way so as not to violate the rights of the patient, not to expose himself, his employees and patients?
  • Can the occupational medicine physician transfer employee data to other physicians (7)
    Sometimes, for example, an occupational medicine doctor sends an employee to a laboratory, an ophthalmologist, psychologist, etc. or in this case a doctor who is a processor, may conclude further contracts entrusting employees' personal data?
  • How to obtain and process patients' personal data in a pandemic era (8)
    No regulations specify how or if any of the data of infected or suspected quarantine persons or persons under quarantine or epidemiological surveillance can be made public. Check how to follow the GDPR in a pandemic era so as not to violate important principles of personal data protection.
  • What rights are vested in the occupational medicine doctor during the epidemic (10)
    In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, both doctors employed under an employment contract and contracts can count on various forms of legal protection for their work, as well as new obligations that may be imposed on them. This is important in light of the concerns about a possible work order.
  • When allergic contact dermatitis may be considered an occupational disease (13)
    Allergic contact dermatitis is one of the occupational diseases. Are protective gloves constituting a protective barrier against substances that may irritate or allergy to the skin are not certain protection for people who are particularly sensitive, which would in turn make it possible to determine an occupational disease?
  • Check how to connect to telephone advice platform (15)
    The Ministry of Health has provided tools for implementing telephone advices. This solution aims to ensure the widest possible access to services, while limiting the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Check how to use the telemedicine platform.

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