• Behapowiec. Who is that? (3)
    Behapowiec is a worker like any other, only more meticulous. It is important that he is always helpful to other people, does not show superiority, and that he reminds us of what everyone often forgets.
  • SEGRO Academy in stock (4)
    The final of the SEGRO Academy project, organized by SEGRO, a developer, manager and owner of production and warehouse space and the "Innowatorium" Foundation for Supporting Education and Development, took place on October 12 at SEGRO Park Stryków.
  • Euro-pallets after December 31, 2021 (6)
    The year 2021 is unique for Euro-pallet users in every respect. The prices of these universal transport carriers are breaking all records, and yet the availability does not guarantee operational comfort. When we add to this the confusion with the interchangeability of pallets in the open field, we have a full picture of the problems faced by Euro-pallet users.
  • Automatic PALOMAT magazine (8)
    Warehouse management is moving towards process automation. The main reasons for the changes are the lack of labor, as well as the development and digitization of logistics processes. Automation in a warehouse is not easy, because manual work has a significant share in the storage or picking operations. Areas where automatic devices can be introduced into processes are filling up quickly.
  • Limiting the risk of fire and increasing the efficiency of employees (11)
    The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate calculated that in 2019 21 percent of Poles admitted to smoking cigarettes on a daily basis. Consequently, it can be assumed that at least one in five workers smokes. In the case of large plants, we are talking about several dozen or even several hundred people. Smoking employees who do so in an unsuitable place or against regulations increase the risk of fire and therefore the risk of fire in the facility. They can be reduced by organizing a professional smoking space.
  • In logistics, it takes two to work (14)
    In the first two quarters of 2021, the number of new jobs created in transport and storage amounted to a total of 27,000. The industry is preparing to work harder before Christmas, and the number of jobs to be filled is increasing, worse with the candidates.
  • Universal and practical shirts (17)
    They are so universal that it is difficult to find an industry in which they would not be used. Flannel shirts, because we are talking about them, have long since conquered construction sites, entered warehouses and production halls, even penetrating our everyday life. What do we value them for?
  • New Collision Detection System (18)
    The market-leading supplier of vehicle safety systems, Brigade Electronics, has introduced a new Intelligent Collision Detection System.
  • Collision-free movement of AGVs (20)
    STILL has initiated a consortium to increase the use of sensor data from automatically guided forklifts for 3D mapping of logistics facilities.
  • Artificial intelligence can increase safety (21)
    Ensuring the safety of employees is one of the priorities of every industrial company. Thanks to the use of new technologies, it is possible to identify potential risks and react to the threat.
  • AGV trolleys in 5G networks (22)
    We share the knowledge and insights from the tests we conducted with the use of autonomous InnovaticaAGV trolleys in WiFi and 5G networks.
  • Accident-free work thanks to technology (25)
    Health and safety training is compulsory, and many companies organize additional safe driving courses. Nevertheless, industrial accidents involving forklifts still occur. Some of them can be avoided by using appropriate technological solutions.
  • Artificial intelligence supports the safety of roofs (28)
    Thick snow cover or water lying on the roof of an industrial hall can be a serious test for the strength of its structure. And although buildings are designed to cope with the anticipated additional loads, the risks cannot be fully predicted. The solution is intelligent roof monitoring systems that allow advance warning of dangers. They are more and more often used by general contractors during the construction of modern facilities for the warehouse, production and commercial industries.
  • Warehouse of the future - will we be fully automated? (32)
    The warehouse, production and logistics real estate sector in Poland developed very dynamically even before the pandemic. However, it was 2020 that marked the beginning of a unique period for the industry in many respects, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, among others. Restrictions and lockdowns, accompanied by the suspension of sales in physical stores, spurred e-commerce, and it was then that the record demand for space from tenants was recorded.
  • High storage in low buildings (35)
    The Polish company Baumalog, specializing in the production of automatic storage and transport systems for large and large articles, carried out an implementation for the German company Feldmann Metall GmbH.
  • Jungheinrich automated warehouse for Coca-Cola HBC (37)
    42-meter high-bay silo warehouse. The use of a monorail system, installed in an overhead connector, enables connection between multiple storage zones. One-stop solution from one supplier.
  • Certifying eye (39)
    It is a series of articles aimed at taking actions to improve the quality of work, and thus the efficiency of logistics processes. Continuous Improvement - Improvement is the cornerstone of the Deming cycle, therefore each article will be divided into four parts. Plan - do - Study - Act reflecting the original version of Deming's cycle.

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