• Works in main halls (1)
  • A clean warehouse is the safety of employees (3)
    One of the many important processes that are necessary for the proper functioning of warehouses and logistics centers is the provision of cleaning services. In the era of a pandemic, they have a real impact on the safety of people and the continuity of business. The priority list includes efficiency, repeatability of quality and employee safety. All of this can only be achieved by investing in new cleaning solutions.
  • The car will tell you the truth (6)
    Cars have replaced horses not only in the field of transport, but also… testing utility trousers.
  • Competition: Safe Work Leader in a Magazine (7)
    Good practices of safe work deserve to be disseminated, and companies adhering to these principles - to be promoted.
  • Modernlog: Smart Warehouse fairs and conference (9)
    At the ITM Industry Europe fair that took place after the break, as part of the Modernlog exhibition, interesting, forward-looking and identical to the present lectures and discussions were presented at the Smart Warehouse conference. Why should the magazine be smart? What should be automated and why everything? What are the implementation deadlines? These questions were answered by solution providers, system integrators and investor representatives.
  • Transport work safety instruction (13)
    What is the transport work safety instruction? The concept of safety instructions for transport work is explained in the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of December 15, 2017 on occupational health and safety when using motor-powered trucks.
  • Prologis equips parks with lifesaving devices (15)
    The growth of e-commerce has filled distribution centers with new employees and vehicles - turning lands into vibrant ecosystems. Thousands of people work at Prologis parks, and hundreds more visit them every day - drivers, guests, contractors. With such a large flow of people, it is important to ensure the maximum degree of safety for everyone - to the extent possible.
  • The number of accidents at work increases in the first half of 2021 (16)
    According to the latest statistics of the Central Statistical Office, 27.2 thousand were reported in the first half of 2021. People injured in accidents at work. What it comes from?
  • The National Labor Inspectorate will not have to notify about an inspection (17)
    So far, the question whether the National Labor Inspectorate should notify about an inspection or not has been debatable. The draft act amending the act - Entrepreneurs' Law is ultimately intended to allow for an inspection to be carried out without notice.
  • Safe work with AGV robots (18)
    When automating processes in production plants, self-propelled AGV robots are also often implemented. In this case, special attention should be paid to the safety aspect. How can you be 100% sure that the selected robots meet all safety requirements and are compliant with the standards? There can be only one answer. By opting for a proven supplier.
  • The best security in container transport (20)
    Experts estimate that the TSL industry will develop dynamically, and container transport, including intermodal transport, will become more and more competitive. An important detail for this to happen are well-secured transport units, which reduces the risk of damage to goods, improves delivery and improves the quality of services.
  • Optimizing warehouse management (22)
    More than 400 trucks are loaded and unloaded every day at one of the largest terminals at the port of Antwerp. To keep all processes running smoothly, Katoen Natie developed its existing WMS warehouse management system and started using Panasonic's TOUGHBOOK M1 tablets.
  • Digital Revolutions in Internal Logistics (24)
    The digitization of processes involves an increasing number of tasks that have been in the hands of humans since the beginning of the history of the manufacturing sector. These two worlds of people and machines are connected by the Optimatik startup, which under S5 - 5G Technology Accelerator in the Łódź Special Economic Zone and with the support of Ericsson specialists, is developing a proprietary 5G platform to optimize the fleet of autonomous vehicles and traditional forklifts, revolutionizing internal logistics in industrial plants and logistics centers.
  • As charging technology evolves with requirements (27)
    In many companies, intralogistics is challenged by the complexity and variability of tasks. Proper battery charging technology and infrastructure play a decisive role in achieving trouble-free operation. In this respect, Fronius Perfect Charging offers modular, tailor-made and complete solutions for electric forklift trucks, which develop flexibly in line with increasing challenges.
  • FM Logistic warehouse with LEED certificate for sustainable construction (29)
  • High level of warehouse operational maturity (31)
    In times of challenge and fierce competition, you need to try really hard. Companies must constantly improve their processes to support their clients' business development.
  • Panattoni warehouses with BREEAM Excellent as standard (33)
  • Efficient picking through automation (35)
    In response to the need to increase the number of stored components and improve picking efficiency, Siemens has implemented a solution combining an automated small parts warehouse, conveyors, elevators and high racks powered by reach trucks.
  • The fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 - an example of implementation (38)
    The Spiroflex company from Mielec has been specializing in metalworking for over 27 years and mainly in the production of chimney systems, ventilation and linear drainage systems. It also provides services in the field of precision cutting on laser cutters, a punching machine, water jet cutting, bending on press brakes and bending machines, welding and powder coating. The production processes mainly use sheets of various types of metal sheets.

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