Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka (Work Safety) 2020/10

  • European information campaign 2020-2022 in the series "Healthy and safe workplace" (second cover page)
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  • The future of remote work in Poland (3)
    The provisions contained in the act on the so-called of the anti-crisis shield allowed the employers to order their employees to work remotely for up to 180 days, that is exactly by September 4 this year. however, this period has been extended - it will remain in force up to 3 months after the epidemic threat or state of the epidemic is canceled. However, there are still no permanent regulations relating to remote work.
  • OSH training for people with disabilities (6)
    According to the provisions of the Labor Code, every employee must undergo health and safety training before starting work. Initial OHS training should cover the subject of first aid, fire protection at work, labor law, management of safety at work with the use of chemicals, as well as procedures in the event of an accident. People with disabilities, regardless of the degree of disability, must undergo such training in the same way as non-disabled people. Nevertheless, if we want to count on the effectiveness of the training process in the context of people with disabilities, its content and course should be adapted to their special needs.
  • Simulation of cooperation with a robot in a virtual work environment. Survey results - theoretical assumptions (1) (8)
    The article presents the issue of using virtual reality to study the impact of an industrial collaborative robot on an employee, in particular anxiety caused by the presence of a robot. The research procedure is described, including simulation in virtual reality of cooperation with a robot during assembly of engine components. The questionnaire tools planned to be used during the studies with volunteers and the results of the pilot studies are presented. The results of the relevant research will be described in the second part of the article.
  • The impact of occupational exposure to organic solvents and metals and their compounds on reproduction (13)
    The article presents an overview of the literature data that illustrate the effects of occupational exposure to selected metals and organic solvents. Both the lead, mercury and cadmium presented in the text, as well as the described solvents, are substances that are still often found in the work environment, especially in industry, for example in the recycling, cosmetic, textile or electronic industries, to name just a few examples. Occupational exposure to both groups of chemical compounds, which exceeds the reference values, causes serious health effects, including with regard to fertility and fertility, but also those that may only become apparent after many years.
  • Health effects of worker exposure to mechanical vibrations transmitted by the upper limbs (18)
    The clinical picture of the vibration syndrome is nonspecific and may include both functional and organic disorders. The clinical picture distinguishes between the following forms: neurovascular, osteoarticular and mixed of the vibration syndrome. The first symptoms appear quite early, but are usually not too bothersome at first and may be overlooked. Therefore, it is important to carefully monitor the parameters of the working environment and to apply prophylaxis, both on the technical level and in the form of preliminary and periodic examinations of workers exposed to local vibration as provided for by labor law.
  • New requirements for ergonomic parameters of respiratory protective equipment (22)
    The article presents proposals for extending and changing the scope of testing the parameters of respiratory protection equipment, which have a direct impact on the ergonomics of its use. Operational tests, respiratory resistance, carbon dioxide content in inhaled air and visual field limitation were taken into account. It was proposed to introduce a new parameter - the work of breathing, which has a direct impact on the division of equipment into classes related to the severity of the work for which a given type of equipment is intended. A checklist has also been proposed to allow existing users of respiratory protective equipment to verify the basic elements affecting the comfort of use of this equipment.
  • Film as a tool for building a security culture in Poland (26)
    The current education, as a rule, has relatively poor cognitive values. This applies to both young and adult education. Students from an early age, instead of relying on curiosity, willingness to adventure and learn something new, must learn to accept life as it is seen by adults. It is not much better in adult education. The elderly are undoubtedly more experienced and often motivated to learn, but unfortunately also often less perceptive. Therefore, the way you communicate your message to them is as important as it is for young people.
  • Changes in law (30)
    • Occupational health and safety during the operation of machines and other technical devices for earth, construction and road works
    • Orders for conducting non-medical exposures related to employment or insurance
    • Restrictions, orders and prohibitions due to the epidemic
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