Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2017/07

  • XXVI edition of the competition for work safety poster entitled "Safely from the beginning" (II pp.)
  • Local reports (2)
    • About TDJ Pitango Ventures invests on the Polish market
    • The Polish venture capital (VC) sector has been enriched by another investor. This time, the Polish-Israeli fund TDJ Pitango Ventures will invest in domestic technology companies. The amount of the planned contribution of the fund to the Polish market is PLN 210 million.
    • About the Polish way to measure the Universe
      Polish scientists from the Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, part of the Araucaria group, have discovered a method allowing to increase the accuracy of galaxy distance measurements. This is a breakthrough discovery for the creation of the Universe's cosmic map.
    • About PLN 13 million for AGH
      On June 5, Minister Jarosław Gowin signed a contract with the rector of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, concerning co-financing by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of building a new building of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications.
  • Photovoltaic safety (3)
    Interview with diploma Eng. Hermann Laukamp from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solat Energy Systems ISE
  • Because health is the most important thing. Conference "Safe at the start, healthy at the finish line - effective management of the safety and health of employees" (4)
    We are aging - it is a fact. Both as a society and as a population of employees. As anticipated by EU-OSHA in 2030, employees aged 55-64 will make up at least 30 percent. total workforce. As a result of demographic changes in Europe in recent years almost universal raising of the retirement age (Poland also did so, but since October this year restored the previous state) - usually to the level of 67 years. Longer professional life also means a longer time of human exposure to hazards in the workplace, as well as challenges caused by, for example, technological progress and changes in the approach to work management. It seems logical, therefore, to focus the attention of the world of work on potential health problems that may affect the elderly, professionally active population. For although work is a value in itself, health is the most important.
  • Europe under constant stress. Conference on "Do not get stressed" (6)
    For the first time, the ESENER survey was conducted in the European Union in 2009. And then it turned out that 4 out of 5 managers in Europe consider issues related to stress at work as just as important as accidents at work. Work-related stress is particularly noted in the sectors of health care and social assistance and education. Five years later, Europe re-examined. And, unfortunately, the results of the ESENER 2 study show that the problem not only has not disappeared, but actually gets deeper.
  • Requirements and working conditions of water rescuers and their image in the eyes of users of bathing areas (8)
    Water rescuers are usually young people who are just starting their professional career. Responsibility resting on their shoulders in conjunction with a number of factors that distract or disrupt the performance of basic tasks may cause a decrease in security in the facility they guard. The average citizen is often unaware of the burdensome working conditions of this occupational group and the great risks involved. Although water rescuers seem to be a guarantee of safety, they are relatively poorly assessed by the users of bathing beaches.
  • Sinus pressure sore in underground mining - case study (12)
    The article discusses the case of barotrauma of the paranasal sinuses, which occurred under the conditions of underground copper ore mine. The cases described in the literature of this type are usually associated with diving or aviation. Barotrauma is a combination of two Greek words baros - weight and trauma - wound, injury or injury. For the needs of medical sciences and rescue services, a synonym for pressure was adopted (UC). The main reason for the occurrence of UC sinus is the lack of patency of one of the wires connecting the sinus with the nose during a sudden change in atmospheric pressure. The article presents the cause of the injury, the course of treatment and the consequences of the accident. An attempt was also made to estimate the risk of occurrence of UC on three groups of persons potentially exposed to the possibility of an event occurring.
  • Risk assessment at a repetitive work station using the OCRA method (16)
    The article presents the practical application of the OCRA method, which is used to assess risk while performing repetitive activities with the help of upper limbs. The risk of the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders on the assembly station was assessed. Skillfully performed load estimation at repetitive workstations so that it is possible to identify and educate the risk of occurrence of ailments that are a consequence of this work is of great importance - there are many positions on which it is necessary to repeat the same activities.
  • Material liability of employees under the Labor Code (21)
    One of the significant problems in the field of labor law is the employee's liability for the property entrusted to him by the employer. The employee does not always perform the work in the way his employer would like it. In all spheres of economic life, there may be various types of events that cause damage to employees, be it to the employer or to third parties. An employer may seek redress through an amicable or legal proceeding for damages caused by the employee's fault. Sometimes, due to a breach of employee duties by an employee who caused the damage, the employer decides to part with the employee by terminating the employment contract with him. However, even if the employer dismisses the employee by giving notice or pursuant to art. 52 k.p., there remains the problem of enforcing claims for compensation of damage.
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Sejm of the Republic of Poland debated
    • Accidents in Polish mining - preventive actions (26)
      • Positions of the Labor Protection Council
      • WUG and prevention
      • Work safety in mining
      • Security - your choice
      • Checks are also preventive actions
  • "Safely from the beginning" - exhibition of posters at CIOP-PIB (28)
    The theme of this year's poster competition, organized by the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute since 1997, corresponds with the slogan of the current European information campaign (2016-2017) "Safe at the start, healthy at the finish line", whose idea is to maintain health for as long as possible employees. It is hard to deny that a "good beginning" of a career path is a premise for successful development and safe access to the end stage of employee activity. It is very desirable to instill the right habits and adopt appropriate attitudes by young people at the threshold of their adult life.
  • Latte notes (29)
  • Changes in regulations (30)
    • Movement of underground mining plants
      On 9 June 2017, the ordinance of the Minister of Energy of November 23, 2016 was announced on detailed requirements for the operation of underground mining facilities issued on the basis of auctions. 120 par. 1 of the Act of 9 June 2011 - Geological and Mining Law.
    • Mining rescue
      On May 31, 2017, the Ordinance of the Minister of Energy of 16 March 2017 on mining rescue was issued, issued on the basis of an auction. 124 of the Act of 9 June 2011 - Geological and Mining Law.
  • We answer readers' questions (31)
    • On what basis does ZUS calculate the amount of the pension from October 1, 2017?
    • When is the best time to retire under the new rules and what documents must be submitted?
    • When should I apply for a pension under the new rules?
    • Will the amount of the pension change if it works longer?
  • Reports from abroad (32)