Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2017/08

  • Photo competition SIGNS OF WORK (II p)
  • Local reports (2)
    • Over PLN 150 million for the pharmaceutical sector
    • Subsidies for Polish Studies at the University of Cambridge
    • NAWA voted in the Senate
  • Safely into new school semester (3)
    The beginning of the school year arouses mixed emotions in students. Regret for the past holiday freedom, the joy of meeting colleagues is often mixed with smaller or bigger fears: before returning to daily routine and duties, new challenges, unlikely or difficult objects requiring teachers.
  • Safety in the first place (4)
    Interview with PhD Eng. Małgorzata Powałka "Bez Pługa" magazine Editor-in-Chief
  • VeSafe. Safety on the road (5)
    • Ve-Safe - e-guide of the European Commission, which aims to comprehensively identify and describe safety risks related to work on vehicles, but also good practices in various thematic areas
  • All the people of holiday representatives (6)
    • The specificity of the profession
    • Impact of stress, risks and preventiion
    • Prepared for everything
  • Accidents of people under the care of schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions in the context of Polish OSH regulations - an analysis (8)
    To date accidents on the premises of schools and other educational institutions, during the course of school activities have not been analysed thoroughly. Data show that over 1% of people under the care of schools (educational institutions) are involved in accidents. Unfortunately, fatal and serious accidents are not excluded. In the past 6 school yiers (2010/11-2015/16), 188 people died and 1269 had serious accidents. These data suggest that improvement in safety on the premises of schools and other educational institutions should be supported by all parties involved.
  • Review of selected national legislation for emergency lighting (14)
    This article presents the most important information in current acts of law and Polish standards on installing emergency lighting. It presents the Minister of Infrastructure's list of places, where emergency escape lighting must be installed as well as the technical requirements it needs to meet. According to two bills and two ordinances, it is necessary to consult designs related to emergency escape lighting and to obtain a release-to-service permit related to emergency lighting luminaires. Basic functions of evacuation lighting and a classification of lighting systems have been established on the basis of an analysis of relevant standards. This article also lists standards on graphic symbols, colours and safety sings.
  • Selected aspects of the organization of workstations with hand-held machines (18)
    This paper presents selected aspects of the organization of work at workstations equipped with hand-held machines. It considers llegal requirements and discusses various technical solutions. It also considers problems related to machine selection and operation, and maintenance. The results of the study show that due to the increasing number of older operators, it is important to select the right workers for specific types of work. Due to the decreasing physical capabilities of this group of workers, it si necessary to reduce musculoskeletal load of the upper limbs.
  • Exposure to noise in hospital wards (23)
    To hather data on acoustic conditions in wards, sound levels were measured in selected health care facilities in the Podkarpackie voievodeship. In total, 26 wards in 4 hospitals were examined in day- and night-time. On this basis, three main groups of noise sources were identified: (a) activities and verbal communication of medical staff in the acourse of their routine work, and (b) technical equipment of hospital buildings (lifts, air-contitioning, doors) and (c) the surrounding infrastructure (car parks, roads). An acoustic assessment based on tests and the requirements of Standard PN-87/B-02151/02 showed that limit values were exceeded in 58% of the examined wards. In the opinion of the Noise and Vibration Laboratory in Tarnobrzeg, there are some low- and no-cost organisational and technical ways to improve acoustic conditions in hospital wards.
  • 86th meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for Maximum Admissible Concentrations and Intensities for Agents Harmful to Health in the Working Environment (26)
  • Notes latte (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
  • Answering our readers's questions (31)
  • Reports from aborad (32)
    • How to find out how much your future pensiion will be?
    • Do people who have pension entitlement need to apply for an old-age pension in order to get pension rights from October 2017?
    • Is seniority required to grant a pension in the age specified in the Act lowering the retirement age?