• Management of mining waste and earth or rock masses moved in connection with the extraction of minerals from deposits
    The article discusses the legal basis for mining waste management. Data on the amount of mining waste and earth or rock masses generated in 2021 in particular types of mining are also presented. The management of mining waste in 2017-2021 was presented.
  • Natural hazards from karst voids
    A full picture of the geological structure of the deposit is obtained only after its exploitation is completed. How to prevent the threats resulting from the construction of the deposit while performing mining works? One of them may result from the presence of karst voids. The article presents what it is and how it is minimized in the Rigips-Stawiany mining plant.
  • From the history of the Specialist Mining Office
    The article presents the activities and subsequent changes in the material competence of the Mining Authority for Control Tests of Energy-Mechanical Devices, established in 1957, renamed the Specialist Mining Authority in 2012, and then liquidated on October 19, 2022. Its material competence as mining supervision authorities and architectural and construction administration and construction supervision in the mining industry, were defined in succession by 7 regulations: the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Interior and Administration and the Environment, and finally the Geological and Mining Law.
  • With a mint and a pickaxe in the coat of arms. City symbols testify to mining traditions
  • Thermal springs - the hot treasure of the Earth

 Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) - the whole list