• Safety of blasting works - part III
    The article analyzes blasting agents used in mining plants, with particular emphasis on emulsion explosives. Attention is paid to the testing of explosives generated in-situ by mixing and loading devices. In addition, an analysis of events related to the use of blasting agents in the operation of the underground mining plant was carried out.
  • Threats in oil mining in the sea areas of the Republic of Poland
    LOTOS Petrobaltic is the only Polish operator producing hydrocarbons on the Baltic shelf. It holds 2 licenses for the production of crude oil and associated natural gas, and 3 licenses for their exploration and appraisal in offshore areas of the Republic of Poland. The company has 5 platforms, tugboats, ships and a land base with a transhipment quay. In connection with the risks and threats occurring in the operation of the plant in the sea areas of the Republic of Poland, the article presents a method of preventing them. LOTOS Petrobaltic has developed a number of preventive and mitigating measures. The main assumption is to eliminate the probability of a threat to life and health, and above all to eliminate and reduce occupational risk. The company's preventive policy includes technical measures, organization of work at individual positions and workplaces, creation of appropriate working conditions and employee training. The specificity of working at sea involves courses and training in safety at sea, first aid, individual rescue techniques or behavior in the event of a helicopter failure. In practice, drills are carried out in the field of sea evacuation of a vessel, pre-medical aid, fire on a sea vessel, rescue of a man overboard or combating oil spills. The mining rescue service of the entrepreneur must ensure the cooperation of sea rescue and mining rescue. The crew of the offshore unit, in addition to professional competences, qualifications and mining licenses, must also undergo courses and training in the field of safety at sea.
  • Protective equipment used in works related to the operation of electrical power equipment in the operation of underground mining plants
    Electric shock and injuries related to the explosion of an electric arc are the basic risks associated with performing work on power equipment. The causes of an electric arc are divided into two groups: direct and indirect. The direct causes of an electric arc explosion include situations during work, e.g.: dropping tools on live equipment, incorrectly selected measuring instrument, incorrectly performed switching operation, poor organization of work, stupidity, recklessness, haste and fatigue. Indirect causes are primarily: surface discharges on the insulation, mechanical damage, corrosion and aging of the insulation. Affecting a human, the electric arc can cause: burns, amputation of limbs, damage to the organs of vision and hearing, metallization of unprotected body parts, smoke poisoning and mental problems related to post-traumatic stress. Particularly severe are eye injuries, which may lead to the loss of the ability to perform professional work, as well as problems in the social life of the individual. The basic symptoms of burns within the eyeball are: severe eye pain, photophobia, lacrimation, sudden deterioration of vision, corneal opacity and conjunctival pallor. Pursuant to the regulations, persons performing work on or near power equipment are obliged to use protective equipment, which is divided into: insulating (main and additional - table 1), indicating the presence of voltage and protective and warning equipment. It is subject to numbering and recording, as well as periodic tests (Table 2). Despite clear guidelines contained in legal acts, employees often disregard the need to use appropriate procedures, protective equipment and its cyclical examination, which in turn can lead to injuries and injuries. At the same time, this translates into the costs of treatment, which are often very high.
  • From "Pearl in the Crown" to "Sexmission", i.e. mines on the big screen
  • Kazimierz Grochowski - Polish Indiana Jones from Harbin

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