ATEST - ochrona pracy 2018/03

  • The victim of your own success? (3)
  • Organization and economics
    • How to live safely with risk? - part 3 (4)
      There is evidence that taking moderate risks is an effective strategy to improve your social image. The risk in some situations is taken because such behavior is considered more valuable than prudent behavior, and the riskors are convinced that not taking risks may result in loss of prestige or lower self-esteem.
  • Information
    • Ongoing ... (12)
      Based on information from the District Labor Inspectorate in Krakow, we include the answer to the teacher's question regarding the performance of the function of a social labor inspector.
    • Prevention of serious industrial accidents (29)
      Labor Protection Council at its meeting on February 26 this year adopted a position on an extremely important issue - preventing serious industrial accidents and limiting their consequences. This issue is of great importance due to the safety of large groups of people living and working in the surroundings of industrial plants.
    • A step in the direction of security (43)
    • "Safe construction" conference (45)
    • OSH training in Ukrainian (50)
      The political and economic situation in Ukraine has caused that from the beginning of 2014 we have been observing in Poland a continuous increase in the number of employees from beyond our eastern border. The motive that encourages employers to employ Ukrainians is the fact that they have lower wage requirements than Poles. The vast majority of Ukrainians find employment in the construction industry, logistics (truck drivers), production, gastronomy and agriculture. Work in these industries is associated with a high risk of an accident at work due to supported machines, devices or vehicles.
    • Accredited laboratories performing work environment research (57)
  • Health and safety lessons
    • Bricklayer-plasterer, part 2 (18)
      The "Work Safety Lesson" came back to the Atestium in the new formula. Years ago, they took the form of ready-to-use outlines that are currently less needed. Teachers are looking for studies, sources, and especially practical hints, tips that may be relatively self-educating materials for students. And such our lessons will be used as a kind of character sheets for individual professions. The first part of the lesson about the profession of bricklayer-plasterer was published in the February ATEST.
  • People and events
    • Who is who in job protection: Anna Łuczak (17)
  • Regulations and standards
    • How long does the protection against dismissal last under Article 53 § pkt 1b k.p. (13)
      Article 53 (1) of the Labor Code provides for a protection period during which an employer can not release an employee absent from work due to illness. Exceeding the period indicated in it authorizes the employer to terminate the employment contract immediately (without notice). Setting the boundaries of this period in practice often encounters a number of problems.
    • Trans-shipment cranes (31)
    • Change in obtaining qualifications by operators of powered forklifts (59)
    • Agricultural and forestry machinery (60)
    • The external cause of the accident (61)
      The external cause of an accident at work is not everyday, even hard work, if on the day of the event there were no extraordinary circumstances in its provision. However, this extraordinary circumstance is the excessive overworking of the employee, inter alia, abnormal work on the day of the accident or (exceptionally) in the long run. This view is all the more justified if overtime work is accompanied by particularly unfavorable weather conditions in which it was performed and the occurrence of an additional factor in the form of stress.
    • New health and safety regulations and labor law (63)
      Review of legal provisions included in the Official Journal and Monitor Polski in 2018.
    • The role of OSH in occupational risk assessment (66)
      The fourth part of the fourteenth task is devoted by the author to the documentation of the risk assessment. If the risk assessment is to bring measurable benefits to both the employer and employees, they should receive relevant risk information. This information should be developed in the form of a document being the basis for the employer's organization of work and the performance of works by employees.
  • Technologies and security
    • Safety of human-robot cooperation (22)
      We have become accustomed to the fact that security reasons people and robots have been cooperating on separate work spaces for years. The current demographic changes leading to an aging workforce and increasing needs in relation to production efficiency have given impetus to work on increasing the potential of cooperation between people and robots. When, however, man and robot share a common workspace, the issue of security becomes extremely important. In practice, this means that you need to analyze each application individually in this respect.
    • Matching respiratory protective equipment to employees - assumptions and reality (26)
      The reason for writing this text was research on the matching of respiratory protective devices, in particular filtering half masks to the employee, carried out by the author and his colleagues.
    • Industry 4.0: From vision to implementation (30)
      In the future factory, people and machines will be connected with each other by a data network. Objects and systems will also communicate with each other: tools with parts, a market with a production line, and this in turn with suppliers. This kind of network will be created only when standards and specifications are applied uniformly on a global scale - also with the participation of a qualified workforce.
  • Education
    • English for behave (l. 99) (54)
    • Industrial safety technician (56)
    • The most current training offer (58)
  • Accidents and failures
    • Employee accidents in Ukraine (47)
      The article is basically based on the analysis of data on accident incidents involving representatives of only one nationality, among many others working in Poland in 2016. However, among all foreigners, the citizens of Ukraine were the largest number of injured in accidents at work, which seems to justify this approach to the topic. This situation should not be astonishing, because for many years it has been the nation - the largest number represented on the Polish labor market, not counting the native one.
  • Trade
    • SAWO 2018 (53)
  • Fixed headings
    • Texts-pretexts (2)
    • Events (9)
    • Technique every day (10)
    • Competition (41)
    • Editors answer (42)
    • Health and safety on the network (65)
    • Reading room (67)