UDT Inspektor (TIA Inspector) 2020/03

  • Electromobility - safely on the road with the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) (4)
    Without leaving the office, home or the recent combination of both these places, you can submit applications for tests, send technical documentation, arrange tests or make payments. All matters related to cooperation with UDT can be settled in one place, which helps in management, especially for entities with large "fleets" of loaders. The portal is constantly evolving and new options are added to facilitate its use, which are often prompted by the users themselves.
  • ISO 46001: 2019. Water efficiency management systems (8)
    Water deficits in various regions of the world and the growing sense of responsibility of contemporary societies for the environment have increased the interest in systemic actions that would lead to better water management. The initiatives taken to prevent drought take the form of both activities in the field of hydroengineering, spatial planning, and those aimed at shaping the behavior of end users - enterprises and individuals. The former are usually encouraged to take appropriate actions through legal regulations or an economic calculation. For those organizations that would like to approach water management in a comprehensive manner, the ISO 46001 standard - Water efficiency management systems was developed last year.
  • Laboratory Business Development (12)
    The Office of Technical Inspection has not only the most modern equipment for testing and calibration, but also highly specialized and trained personnel. The constantly expanded spectrum of research possibilities as well as laboratory and office facilities are in line with the development of the Polish industry and economy.
  • Wind Turbine Cranes (16)
    Wind turbines installed today are equipped with lifting devices that perform several functions. They move workers to work sites, i.e. gondol, successive intermediate levels (stops) of the turbine tower and enable the transfer of specific loads. Their design also allows for the performance of works related to the maintenance of the technical condition of the turbine tower itself. Due to the number of functions performed, it was not easy to classify them unambiguously into a specific type of lifting devices. Eventually, after several of the appointments in the meantime, it was agreed that such devices would be referred to as cranes.
  • Green order in travel GreenWay looks to the future of electromobility ... together with eUDT (19)
    GreenWay Polska is a modern company that looks to the future and focuses on an area of economy that is innovative for Poland - electromobility. GreenWay's mission is to make our region cleaner, healthier and less reliant on fossil fuels and to make electric cars a possible choice for all drivers. The company's goal is to enable an electric car to travel around Poland, which is a quiet and cleaner means of transport than internal combustion cars, thus reducing the emission of dust and pollutants in the environment.
  • Technical tests of devices for the recovery of fuel vapors performed by the Office of Technical Inspection (24)
    2020 is another year in which the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) performs technical tests of fuel vapor recovery equipment (VRS II) at petrol stations. Due to the end of the transition period for the adaptation of certain petrol stations to the current regulations, 2020 is also another year in which all petrol stations (subject to VRS tests) should be reported to the UDT for the purpose of carrying out the above-mentioned research.
  • Requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection for pressure equipment in refrigeration installations - part 5: Changes in the cooling installation. How to ensure safety by modifying the refrigeration plant? (26)
    This is yet another, fifth article devoted to the safety of refrigeration installations. This time, the author focused on the safety of modifying refrigeration installations. We learn about the types of changes, national and European regulations relating to them, and the possible ways to proceed when introducing safe changes.
  • Boiler steels. Multiple Heat Treatment - Part 1 (31)
    The article is a prelude to the results of research and experiments related to the issues of repair and modernization of boiler steels in industrial power engineering. It is a compilation of information from standards, procedures, good engineering practice and own research in order to determine the maximum number of welding processes carried out on steels operating under creep conditions.
  • UDT Compliance Program (34)
    Later this year, the Office of Technical Inspection will start implementing the UDT Compliance Program and the UDT Compliance Code, developed on the basis of the standards and methodology of the international association TIC Council. The TIC Council, based in Brussels, is a global organization that associates and represents companies and organizations that provide services in the field of testing, inspection and certification.
  • UDT Academy. Promotion of technical safety of UDT (36)
    Adapting to the current situation, the UDT Academy has in recent months organized over a dozen online training courses on various topics. So-called webinars are organized as full-time training courses, usually lasting 6 to 8 hours or even two days.
  • Industry events. Accounts and announcements (37)

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