UDT Inspektor (TIA Inspector) 2020/04

  • A new model of laboratory services of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) (4)
    An interview with Wojciech Manaj , director of the Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection
  • UDT launches NDT mobile laboratories (8)
    Developing a new service model and increasing the availability of laboratory services are among the goals of UDT's strategic activities undertaken in recent years. The stages of achieving these goals were: creating a network of stationary and mobile laboratories at UDT, including ensuring appropriate measurement and research equipment, developing the competence of laboratory staff, implementing new research methods.
  • Management systems and business continuity during a pandemic - experience from this year's management system audits (10)
    The supplies of energy, water and food are of fundamental importance for society, and their security is one of the elements that characterize highly developed countries. Anticipating threats and actions taken to minimize their adverse effects are the foundation of critical infrastructure management. The current epidemiological threat, which has materialized on a scale unprecedented in recent decades, revises the readiness of individual enterprises to maintain business continuity. Adapting to the restrictions related to COVID-19 forced the application of extraordinary security measures not only by operators of critical infrastructure systems, which, due to the legal regime in which they operate, had epidemic action plans, but also by other entities of the national economy.
  • A year with a lifetime (12)
    In connection with the development of the economy, it can be noticed that an essential element of running a business as well as an effective production process are handling equipment. It often happens that the devices in use are several or even several dozen years old. In regulatory practice, in relation to such devices, we more and more often encounter breakdowns, dangerous damage or repairs. Therefore, the question arises whether the designed service life of these devices has not already been exceeded. In this case, the concept of RESURSU comes in handy.
  • Limiting the magnitude of the consequences of ammonia leakage from the refrigeration system by the use of isolation valves according to PN-EN 378-2 - how to safely use them in the operating refrigeration system? (18)
    In the last of the series of articles dealing with the issues of refrigeration installation safety, the issues related to the management of changes in such installations were mentioned, and the general principles of safety analysis of the introduced changes were discussed. This section presents the more and more frequently occurring special case of the introduced change, related to the need to increase the safety of the ammonia refrigeration plant by limiting the potential consequences of this refrigerant release.
  • HAZOP and SIL analyzes on-line . Does the method of communication affect the quality of the team's work? Comparison of the direct implementation of analyzes with on-line analyzes (23)
    Lack of direct contact, and therefore on-line meetings and analyzes, have become a necessity resulting from external circumstances. There are also advantages of this state, incl. saving time and travel costs. This article presents the authors' experiences and observations on the differences between the direct implementation of HAZOP analyzes and the on-line implementation of these analyzes. On the basis of the experience gained in the implementation of direct analyzes, the possibilities of conducting on-line analyzes were discussed.
  • Awarding of the PN-EN ISO 50001: 2018 certificates for KGHM Polska Miedź and "Energetyka" (30)
    UDT-CERT - the first system certification body in Poland to receive PCA accreditation in the scope of PN-EN ISO 50001 Energy management systems, assessed and confirmed full implementation and application of the Energy Management System in KGHM Polska Miedź and "Energetyka".
  • The ceremony of awarding UDT-CERT certificates as part of the integrated management system for PERN (32)
  • Accessibility starts with each and every one of us (34)
    Accessibility is a term that describes the extent to which an item or system can be used by as many people as possible, including people with special needs. These persons include anyone who, due to external or internal characteristics or the circumstances in which they find themselves, has to take additional measures or supportive measures to overcome a barrier in order to participate in society on an equal basis with other people.
  • Changes in the legal environment of UDT (37)
    The next year was marked by changes in the legal provisions concerning the functioning of the Office of Technical Inspection. This year, due to the occurrence of a special epidemiological situation, a number of legislative initiatives were undertaken aimed, on the one hand, at enabling the continuity of operation of enterprises and institutions in our country, and, on the other, at ensuring public safety in the area of operation of technical devices. At the same time, it was necessary to enable a flexible approach to the obligations arising from the Act on technical inspection by the bodies of technical inspection units.
  • Accounts and announcements (39)
  • Industry events (41)

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