UDT Inspektor (TIA Inspector) 2020/02

  • eUDT - a modern online office (4)

  • We support development. WE CARE FOR CYBER SAFETY (6)
    The mission of the Office of Technical Inspection is to support development and care for safety. This applies particularly to the impact of the condition of technical devices in industry and everyday use on public safety. Security depends not only on the proper conduct of processes and the elimination of human exposure to the effects of threats, but also involves the prevention of external attacks, including cyber attacks, terrorist attacks or attempts to steal the assets owned by the organization.

  • ISO 50001: 2018. Energy management systems (11)
    Energy is an important component of safety and business continuity, its production has its environmental dimension, and it remains an important cost factor. For this reason, energy is of key importance for industry and its environment. In order to conduct effective energy management, a comprehensive approach is used, i.e. a systemic combination of planning, operational and investment activities. The most popular standard that describes this approach is ISO 50001 - Energy Management System. Requirements and guidelines for use. The latest edition of this standard was published by ISO in 2018.

  • The next work of the ISO TC 96 Standardization Committee "Cranes" (16)
    The article in issue 3 / I2019 of the monthly INSPEKTOR, dealing with the current direction of work of the ISO TC 96 Standardization Committee "Dźwignice", contained information on the globally confirmed tendency in the field of failure frequency and accident of lifting equipment. For years, the work of the ISO TC 96 Committee itself and its Subcommittees have focused on developing globally agreed ISO standards for training, certification (certification) and verification of this staff. Standards for operators, conservators, operational supervision employees and crane inspectors have already been developed or thoroughly modified and, after publication, introduced into global circulation.

  • Cool climates for young technicians and future engineers (20)

  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI) - a hidden threat (part 4)? (24)
    This is another, fourth article devoted to the safety of refrigeration installations. This time the author focused on a phenomenon that, contrary to appearances, is common in refrigeration installations, primarily ammoniacal.

  • Storage tanks. Analysis of safe operation (28)
    The intensive development of the refining and petrochemical industry in Poland has contributed to the growing importance of tanks for storing both crude oil and petroleum products. At the same time, product storage, e.g. in the form of strategic reserves, is related to national energy security.

  • Guidelines of the Office of Technical Inspection. Conducting analyzes and risk assessment (34)
    The analysis of hazards and risk assessment by experts of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) are directed at clients designing, manufacturing or operating industrial installations. The design and manufacture of technological industrial installations must take account of conditions ensuring their safe operation. this applies in particular to those industrial processes that are associated with the course of chemical reactions or a change in the physical state of the substance and pose a threat to human health and life and the environment.

  • "Best in Cloud 2020" distinction for the Office of Technical Inspection (35)
    During the VIII "Best in cloud" Conference on May 20 this year. Piotr Majcherkiewicz, director of the IT Department of UDT presented CASE STUDY. The presentation concerned the implementation of cloud trust services in UDT.

  • Webinars of the Office of Technical Inspection. Relations and announcements (36)

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