Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2019/06

  • Maturity of the organization in the light of theory
    Maturity issues are more and more often appearing in scientific studies and business activities. It is of interest to many scientific disciplines. It is associated with efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, efficiency and improvement as well as excellence. The importance of the problem became the reason for undertaking research in the area of organizational maturity. The aim of the article is to indicate the essence of maturity and organizational maturity. The research method is a critical analysis of the available literature on the subject.
  • "So many things have changed in the management area" - an interview with Gianluca Mule
    On May 16, 2019, the conference "The best in Europe, the road to perfection" was held in Wrocław. It was organized by MPWiK in Wrocław and the Foundation for the Development of the Wrocław University of Economics (EFQM partner in Poland). Presen- tations delivered during this conference concerned, among others: improvement of the organization using the Model of Excellence, organizational culture supporting the development of employees, digital transformation of business, cooperation between universities, business and industry.
  • Selected aspects of conformity assessment of packaging used in the aviation transport of biological infectious agents in the situation of legal differences in the states of the North Atlantic Alliance
    Air transport of infectious materials, being a sub-class of 6.2 of all hazardous materials, is associated with a very high risk of their uncontrolled entry into the natural environment. The dangers posed to dangerous organisms by dangerous bacteria, viruses, rickettsiae, chlamydia, toxins and fungi impose special precautions in their transport. Occurring threats require the use of special packaging in case of their air transport.
  • Contemporary conditions for raising the quality of use of land forces in a defense operation
    "We have vastly developed boundaries, and there are not enough troops in relation to them. In all this we have a society with such a low level of thinking about the armies and defense that speaking to people about these difficult issues is said to be in a vacuum - Such difficult tasks, putting on, there is no response, it is another area in which a special type of illiteracy is celebrating us with triumph, about strategic matters, defense matters, army, our whole has not yet learned to think or even listen. " The article presents the results of theoretical research (analysis, synthesis, generalization, comparison, inference, deduction and analogy) and empirical (observation1, diagnostic survey) regarding the place ...
  • From the foreign press
    Intellectual capital as a factor shaping sustainable business perfection of hotels (Io-annis N. Metaxas, Prodromos D. Chatzoglou, Dimitrios E. Koulouriotis. 2019. "Proposing a new modus operandi for sustainable business excellence: the case of the Greek hospitality industry". Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 30: (5-6), 499-524) Tourism in Greece has overtaken most of the other sectors in terms of the impact on the level of economic development and employment

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