Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2019/07

  • Crakow meeting of Polish engineers
    On days 13-15. June in Crakow took place the IV World Congress of Polish Engineers (ŚZIP), convened together with the XXVI Congress of Polish Technicians. About 200 people took part in the Congress, including Polish engineers from Canada, the United States, Australia, Lithuania, Austria, Greece, Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain and a large representation of the Polish engineering community from research institutes and innovative companies, and also scientists and students of technical universities in Cracow. Addressing a special message, during the inauguration of 13 June this year, Mr. Andrzej Duda, acting as the patron of the Congress and Congress, the President of the Republic of Poland, wrote: This is extremely valuable and important.
  • The quality of the flow of people and the theory of limitations
    The study addressed the issue of the possibility of using the concept of the value chain and the theory of limitations in creating value for society. At the same time, it was emphasized that the chain is an adequate instrument for controlling the process of creating social value through the systemic cost. In addition, attention was drawn to the fact that the identification of processes and critical points in the system is important to create value. The purpose of the article is to evaluate investments in the value chain.
  • Comprehensive use of quality management methods and tools in the FMEA process
    The article presents the application of the FMEA method of the process on a specific example of underwear production in the Hanna Style company. The approach is based on the assumption that during the FMEA process we do not associate the causes of errors with their effects, it allows a comprehensive approach to the issues of process quality improvement. Accepting the assumption that any cause can trigger an error that will have many consequences, allows for a more detailed and deeper analysis of problems in the process, which is the foundation of a comprehensive approach. It is also possible only with the support of the conducted analysis with specific quality management tools, eg Ishi-coffee diagram and 5 WHY. The results of the improvement activities presented in the article are only a fragment of ongoing improvement activities at Hanna Style.
  • Accreditation standards of the Center for Quality Monitoring in Health Care in medical diagnostic laboratories
    The aim of the work is to discuss the accreditation standards of the Center for Quality Monitoring in Krakow in force in medical diagnostic laboratories. The work discusses the principles of checking standards during an accreditation visit based on own experience. Examples of documents that are valid in medical diagnostic laboratories are presented. A list of standards in force in hospitals regarding the part in force in the laboratories and their new version in the scope of providing health services and the functioning of medical entities performing invasive procedures and operating procedures was also made.
  • From the foreign press
    Satisfaction of employees participating in the implementation of projects (Rateb Jalil Sweis, Ra-wan Ali Saleh, Yousra Sharaireh, Alireza Moarefi. 2019. "A comparative study between ISO 9001-certified and non-ISO 9001-certified project based companies in Jordan "International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 36: 5, 708-734) The construction industry is often referred to as a catalyst for economic development, but recently it has experienced various difficulties and failures at the global level.

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