Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2019/05

  • The importance of cash transfer restrictions to / outside the Schengen area as an element of shaping the security and quality of business transactions
    In an effort to improve the security of business transactions, the European Union introduced from the middle of 2007 an appropriate law, which indicates the need to limit the transfer of cash beyond the limit of 10,000. EURO from / to other countries. This rule applies to all countries of the Schengen area. Despite the existence of this law for a longer time, there are still cases of its violation. Only in the first half of 2017 in Poland, customs and treasury irregularities in the amount of approx. EUR 2 million were detected in this respect. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to draw attention to the obligation to notify customs and treasury bodies in the case of import / export of cash above 10,000. EURO to / from the Schengen zone and to the uniformity of penalties in this regard in the Community. To achieve the goal, the authors decided to solve the research problem posed in the form of the following question: which results in the need to harmonize Community law in the field of transported cash.
  • Quality in airport security
    Passenger aviation is widely believed to be one of the safest means of communication. A sense of security is a relatively relative thing, to a large extent dependent on subjective feelings and the security that ensures it is difficult to understand in terms of procedures. However, this does not mean that it is not transferable. Security in aviation has various connotations. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), this is a state where the possibility of damage to persons or property is minimized and is maintained as part of a continuous process of hazard identification and safety risk management at or below the admissible level level. More effective law and procedures, resulting in a reduction in the number of accidents, must therefore translate into subjectively perceived security, and it in turn on the increase in the number of passengers. This simple mental conclusion has become the basis for many efforts undertaken by air transport companies, both those dealing with passenger transport, as well as those dealing with the transport of goods.
  • TAROPAK Fair - Poznań 30/09 - 3.10.2019
    For several decades, Poland has been one of the largest markets for the packaging industry in Europe. The tradition of organizing Poznan fairs for the packaging and labeling industry and suppliers of solutions that enable companies to take on logistical challenges is over forty years old. TAROPAK from the very beginning is an event highly valued both by participants and many institutions and industry organizations, including the Confederation of Packaging Organizers (COPE) and the Polish Chamber of Packaging (PIO). The benefits of active participation in events were quickly noticed.
  • Implementation of the personnel function in the turquoise organization
    Many of the existing norms, ways and patterns of action have lost their significance in the new reality, which is extremely complex and dynamic and undergoing constant changes. Hence, many people feel lost in it, experiencing a crisis of values. In the modern world there are missing points of reference, there are no authorities or their definition has changed. On the basis of these transformations, there are numerous dilemmas related to the management of modern organizations. They concern, among others searching for ways to effectively operate the organization in the surrounding reality and effective management of employees who - thanks to the increasing awareness - require from the employer not only remuneration for work, but above all the possibilities of fulfillment, development and self-fulfillment. The condition, values, behaviors and attitudes of contemporary employees are significantly different compared to previous ones, which is why organizations try to adapt the functions they perform to, in particular their personal function. One of the proposals that meets the challenges posed by modern organizations is - according to the authors - the turquoise organization model described by F. Laloux. This concept can give a chance to overcome the difficulties faced by today's organizations, including in the area of personnel management, which encourages further deepening of the difficulties, both in theoretical and practical dimensions. With this in mind, the research problem addressed in this article is the answer to the following question: how is the personnel function in turquoise organizations implemented and how is it different from that implemented in traditionally managed organizations? The purpose of the article is to identify these activities.

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