• Topic of the month
    • Changes in the employment of international drivers and settlement of their remuneration (12)
      On August 19, 2023, changes to the regulations regarding the employment of drivers entered into force. They mainly include people performing international transport. The method of determining tax and contribution exemptions from part of these drivers' remuneration has changed. A new feature is the introduction of the possibility of paying part of the remuneration on two fixed, predetermined dates.
  • Labor law
    • Shortening the notice period of an employment contract by agreement of the parties - what effects does it have on the employer and the employee (18)
      Regardless of whether the employment contract was terminated by the employer or the employee, either party may propose to shorten the applicable notice period.
  • Salaries
    • An employee not being allowed to work as a result of a sobriety test - how does it affect the right to remuneration? (25)
      The time when an employee is not allowed to work due to the presence of alcohol in the body, indicating a state of alcohol consumption or intoxication, is a period of unpaid absence.

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