• Boleriosis - still a mysterious disease (1)
    Many people can not wait to leave. As a rule, they are looking for a rest away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unfortunately, on holiday there is much less safety than you might think. Sometimes leisure can turn into a nightmare because of a tick bite.
    • A small tick - a great pity
    • Lyme disease - a silent epidemic of our time
    • Symptoms
    • Diagnostics of Lyme disease infection
    • Tick test
    • Ways of treatment
    • Treatment monitoring
    • Lyme disease - occupational disease
    • Prevention
    • Removing the tick
  • Counteracting mobbing (15)
    In order to be able to consider how to counter mobbing in the workplace, it is first necessary to understand what it is in the light of law. This is important because the understanding of mobbing in colloquial terms differs from how this phenomenon is defined by right work and psychology.
    • What is psychological and legal mobbing?
    • Counteracting mobbing - how?
    • Stages of preventing mobbing in the workplace
    • The purpose of implementing anti-mobbing activities
    • Detecting mobbing and perpetrators - what next?
    • Employer's actions in relation to the victim
    • Why is it worth, or what are the effects of mobbing
  • The phenomenon of labor violence among trade employees (25)
    Violence at work is a complex, multi-faceted phenomenon that can be divided into: psychological violence (mobbing, harassment, intimidation), physical violence, and sexual mothiness. Employees can experience violence inside and outside the organization. Experiencing violence at work has serious consequences for the physical and mental health of the people affected (cardiovascular, digestive or musculoskeletal disorders, concentration disorders, attention and memory, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, suicide attempts). An unfavorable working environment in which an employee experiences violence, has a negative impact on his or her effectiveness, and may also cause occupational accidents.
  • Sexual harassment at work and work related circumstances (33)
    Sexual harassment at work - some say that this is a marginal problem, not worth the attention, others notice that the harmful behavior of the sexuality or sex of the employee intensifies and requires serious attention to this topic. But how to do it?
    • What is sexual harassment
    • Misunderstandings related to reactions to sexual harassment - social reception of victims
    • Opposition as a prerequisite for recognition of behavior as sexual harassment
    • Sexual harassment as a kind of stressor
    • Effects of sexual harassment
    • How to defend yourself against harassment
    • What can your company do to reduce the risk of sexual harassment?
  • Events, reviews - 2018 (40)

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