Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2020/07

  • News
    • Evidence in mobbing proceedings
    • Changes in the law: Shield 4.0 / Solidarity allowance / GIS guidelines on office work
    • Bills: Amendments for 1953 Pensioners
    • The scope of the employer's responsibility for providing the employee with safe and healthy working conditions
  • Articles
    • Conditions of access to work and freedom of expression and homophobic employment policy
    • European Labor Office. Role and powers of the new EU agency
    • Can we talk about earnings? Economic analysis of labor law in Poland and the United States
    • Termination of a distance employment contract
    • Indirect discrimination against part-time women on the basis of family responsibilities
      Compensation for unlawful termination of an employment contract with notice as an abuse of a subjective right within the meaning of Art. 8 KP
    • Early retirement and part-time work
    • Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

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