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    • In the name of objective truth, in the name of common sense ...
    • Report from the conference: VII September Meetings with Labor Law. Circus with this employer - future employer, future of the employer
    • Law of the inventor and creator of the employee work
      Identity of reasons justifying the order penalty and termination of the employment
    • Contract
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft legal acts
  • Articles
    • Employee sobriety testing in the light of the provisions of the GDPR and the amendment to the Labor Code
    • Some remarks on the employee's contribution model to the accident at work
    • The succession of rights and obligations in the event of merger and division of trade unions
    • Change in the scope of the employee's duties during the employment relationship
    • Entitlement of the employer to release the employee from the obligation to provide
    • Compensation in connection with termination of employment due to reasons related to the employer
    • Formal shortcomings in the appeal against the decision of the pension authority
    • Agreements for a work of authorship in the form of a scientific work
    • Employee legal status

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