• Review of new legislation in the field of occupational medicine - August 2019
    • Ordinance of the Minister of Health of August 7, 2019 on medical and psychological examinations of persons applying for a gun permit or submitting a pneumatic weapon to the register and having a gun permit or a registered pneumatic weapon
    • Ordinance of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 26 July 2019 on standards of education preparing for the profession of a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, midwife, laboratory diagnostician, physiotherapist and paramedic
    • Regulation of the Minister of Health of August 29, 2019 on medical examinations of applicants for driving licenses and drivers
  • A new ordinance of the Minister of Health on medical examinations of applicants for driving licenses and drivers
    In the previous issue of "Occupational medicine doctor" it was announced to discuss the amendment to the Regulation of the Minister of Health on medical examinations of drivers of July 17, 2014. This amendment was announced in the Journal of Laws of July 19, 2019. Due to a number of changes it was to be a separate article dedicated to this amendment, taking into account that the issue of medical examinations of drivers also applies to a large number of occupational physicians. However, the matter of discussing the abovementioned amendment to the regulation quickly became outdated, because as early as on August 30, 2019, new regulations on the drivers' medical examination of August 29, 2019 were announced, replacing the regulations of July 17, 2014. Therefore, instead of discussions of the amendment of July 19, 2019.In this issue, a discussion of the new Regulation of the Minister of Health of August 29, 2019, which entered into force on September 1, 2019, appears.
  • Supreme Audit Office on the employment of disabled people
    In Poland, the majority of disabled people remain outside the labor market and this phenomenon has been occurring for years. The employment rate, although slightly improved in recent years, is still one of the lowest in Europe. The majority of public administration units and state-owned legal entities did not take effective measures to employ people with disabilities, although Poland committed to this in 2012.
  • The basis for the diagnosis of occupational disease of coal mine miners
    In the list of occupational diseases, item 3/2 lists the occupational disease - the pollinosis of coal miners. Can the basis for a clinical diagnosis of pneumoconiosis be the symptoms indicated by the employee, including fatigue, reduced exercise tolerance, shortness of breath, coughing, and dust deposits in the lymph nodes?
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome at a water and sewage network conservator
    In what situation is it possible to diagnose an occupational disease of the carpal tunnel syndrome in an employee employed as a water and sewage network conservator? To what extent should non-professional factors be taken into account that would not allow the occupational etiology of this disease to be accepted?
  • Specialist consultations for teachers applying for health improvement leave. Can they be performed at the provincial center of occupational medicine on principles such as for preventive examinations?
    In connection with the amendment to the Act of 26 January 1982 - Teachers' Card, the rules for granting leave for improving health for teachers have changed.

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