Inspektor Pracy (Labor Inspector) 2020/01

  • In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland (3)
    The Chief Labor Inspector presented the National Labor Inspectorate's program for 2020.
  • News not only from country (4)
  • Service of the order on the employer's representative (6)
    The effects of the action of the attorney who represented the employer in the proceedings before the National Labor Inspectorate bodies proved to be decisive for the resolution of the order at the headquarters of the Labor Inspectorate in Warsaw before the Provincial Administrative Court, as well as before the Supreme Administrative Court. An attorney-at-law - acted on the basis of written authorization in both inspection and administrative proceedings.
  • Overtime of a part-time employee (8)
    An employee concluding a part-time contract has the right to expect the employer to employ him in accordance with the agreed working time. Work on a constantly increased number of hours has an impact on his private life or other professional life, if part-time employment is additional work.
  • Foreigner's seasonal work (12)
    By the Act of 20 July 2017 amending the Act on employment promotion and labor market institutions, and some other acts, new legal regulations were introduced regarding the possibility of taking up work by foreigners. They constitute the implementation into the Polish legal order of Directive 2014/36 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purpose of employment as a seasonal worker.
  • Useful tool for controlling the legality of employment of foreigners (16)
    Pursuant to the amendment introduced from January 1, 2018 of the Act of April 20, 2004 on employment promotion and labor market institutions, art. 90c, constituting the legal basis for the creation of a central register of work permits, seasonal work permits and declarations of entrustment of work to a foreigner.
  • Awarded by the Chief Labor Inspector in 2019 - Employers - organizers of safe work (18)
    Preventive Actions. On the construction of the S7 road (20)
    Occupational exposure assessment in the production of laminates (24)
    In order to reduce exposure to harmful factors in the plastics industry, the employer should assess the working conditions at each workplace, analyze the risk of potentially harmful, arduous and dangerous factors, take measures to monitor their concentration and whether the allowable OELs are not exceeded.
  • Safety at robotic workstations (27)
    Industrial robots owe their growing popularity above all to the fact that they are much better at performing physically, monotonous, repetitive, requiring precision and carried out in difficult or even dangerous conditions than people. Unfortunately, due to their considerable size, mass, speed and high operating forces, and the fact that they move within a large space, they can pose a threat to humans.
  • I am proud of my employees, Jarosław Kowalczyk, Regional Labor Inspector in Olsztyn, in conversation with the "Labor Inspector" (30)
  • Gallery at the District Labor Inspectorate in Szczecin (33)
    On December 20, 2019, the opening ceremony of Galeria "Pszczelna 7" took place, which aims to emphasize the social dimension of the office's activities and to promote talented young people from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.
  • On the edge (34)
  • Library (35)

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