Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2018/06

  • News from the country (2)
    • INNOMOTO is back
    • Polish-Chinese space exploration
    • TANGO3 has started
  • Electromobility on the horizon. V Conference of the Office of Technical Inspection "Science, technology, industry - technologies for public safety" (3)
    The 5th Conference of the Technical Inspection Office "Science, technology, industry - technologies for public safety" was under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology. This event gave an impulse to search for innovative solutions for all interested parties, and also aimed at strengthening cooperation between the environments: science, technology and business. The conference was preceded by awards gala for technical safety leaders, including the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute
  • As long as the ball in the game (4)
  • Exposure to noise during football matches (8)
    The article presents the problem of legal regulations regarding noise at mass events, as well as the results of noise tests occurring during a football match. The study was carried out on October 22, 2017 in Krakow, where a meeting between Wisla Krakow and Legia Warsaw took place. Changes in the sound pressure level values were recorded during the whole event, and then its specific fragments were analyzed.
  • Problems related to the color recognition of signal lights (12)
    The article presents the main hazards for the eyes caused by excessive exposure to optical radiation. The issue of spectral eye sensitivity in the context of signal color recognition is discussed. In order to explain the effects of the mechanism of phenomena responsible for the recognition of signal lights color, a graphical analysis of spectral distributions of signaling lights emitted from traditional LED sources was carried out. This analysis also takes into account the conditions under which observation of signaling lights can be observed (daytime or nighttime vision conditions). It also indicates the direction in which works should be conducted, in which the impact of observation conditions, the spectral sensitivity of the eye (including disturbance in color recognition) and various types of signaling light sources to recognize the colors of these lights will be tested.
  • Operating parameters of air filters in general ventilation and air conditioning - new requirements of standards and results of own tests (16)
    The article discusses the work related to replacing the previously used standard for air filtration for general ventilation (PN-EN779) with a series of PN-EN ISO 16890 standards. The current rules for the testing and classification of air filters are presented. The results of the investigation of changes in filtration efficiency and flow resistance of the aerosol within the range of 0.3 μm to 10 μm solid particles are presented in order to determine the attachment of an example air filter to the PM10, PM1,5 or PM1 group.
  • Legal requirements for reflective accessories used by pedestrians (22)
    Every year in Poland, over 800 pedestrians are killed in road accidents. One of the main causes of these accidents is their inadequate visibility, especially in night conditions. An effective method of improving the visibility of employees performing, among others road and pedestrian repairs are the use of reflective accessories reflecting the headlights of the car headlights towards the source. The article discusses the legal requirements for the marketing of retro-reflective accessories, their construction, limitations in use and technical requirements set out in the European standard.
  • Social media and their use to promote work safety (25)
    Social media have already become a part of daily life and are gaining more and more followers. At the end of 2017, Facebook recorded 2.1 billion users, if it is estimated that over 7 billion of the Earth's population have access to the Internet is about 4 billion, Facebook users account for more than half of them.
  • Competition with a beautiful card (history) (28)
    • Competitions instead of fighting
    • Direction: cooperation
  • Latte notes (29)
  • Changes in regulations (30)
    • Change in the amount of one-off compensation for an accident at work in agriculture or agricultural occupational disease
    • Farmer's helper - amending the act on farmers' social insurance
    • Inspection of the working and living conditions of seafarers on board - a new regulation
  • We answer questions (31)
    • What should those who receive a social pension should notify ZUS?
    • What are the rules for determining incapacity for work?
    • What is healing rehabilitation?
    • What is a rehabilitation stay for a disabled person?
  • Reports from abroad (32)
    • The invention will help rescuers on rubble
    • Blood group is a risk factor for death after a serious injury
    • A sedentary lifestyle harms the brain
    • More traffic at every opportunity
    • Cream protects against skin cancer
    • Infant speech functions
    • A computer with artificial intelligence