• COP-27 and what next?
    Annual conferences of the signatories of the Climate Convention should be conducive to climate protection. However, there have been few decisions so far that, like the Paris Agreement of 2015, contain provisions that bring this protection closer. The conference in 2022 was an opportunity to abandon unrealistic dreams of maintaining the temperature increase by 1.5oC, but it did not bring the mechanism of its maintenance even within 2oC. It provided an opportunity for numerous seminars and propaganda campaigns, but did not result in the adoption of any binding resolution. In particular, it did not introduce any incentives to make the Paris Agreement commitments more ambitious and likely to reverse the climate catastrophe.
  • Odra - only question marks about the sources of the disaster
    Although half a year has passed since the greatest ecological disaster that happened in Poland - the poisoning of the Oder River and the annihilation of biological life in it, so far we do not have a clear position as to what caused it and what effects it actually brought. The report on the Oder commissioned by the government, described by the authors as "preliminary", actually looks like an introduction to the actual document. It gives no answer and leaves even more question marks.
  • 15 million people in Poland may experience water shortages
    Another report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been published. It is the result of the work of 270 people from the scientific community around the world. The document is a summary aimed at policymakers and is entitled: "Climate change 2022: Consequences, adaptation and threats". The indicated problems also apply to Poland, including e.g. problems with the availability of drinking water, devastating droughts and extreme weather events. Among the latter, attention was paid to to more severe and deadly heat and floods.
  • In 100 years, part of Gdańsk and Hel may be under water
    We most often hear about rising sea levels in the context of small islands in the Pacific that are disappearing due to climate change. However, the deepening problem will affect the coasts of all continents, including Poland. Sea level rise threatens the old part of Gdańsk, Żuławy and the Hel Peninsula - warns the advisory team for the climate crisis at the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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