UDT Inspektor (TIA Inspector) 2020/01

  • We focus on the development of engineering staff (4)
    Technical supervision is carried out throughout Poland, which is why we are looking for employees throughout the country. We offer attractive and stable employment. In the case of public safety, which is guarded by the Office of Technical Inspection, high qualifications are of key importance. Staff stability and continuous investment in its development are important. Joining the group of UDT employees is an opportunity to cooperate with high-class experts and technical specialists as well as contact with the latest technology and technology implemented in industry. We are looking for people open to new experiences.
  • Cogeneration - changes in the system support for units generating electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration (7)
    The Act on the promotion of electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration together with implementing regulations implements the requirements of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the support of cogeneration on the domestic market and imposes on electricity producers in cogeneration units participating in the support system an obligation to present an opinion prepared by an accredited unit. The Act provides for supporting the production of electricity in high-efficiency cogeneration only in those installations that will introduce useful heat generated in the same process to the heating network.
  • MILICZ heat and power plant - high-efficiency cogeneration unit (11)
    Cogeneration is a combined process of generating electricity that optimally uses fuels to simultaneously produce both heat and electricity while limiting adverse environmental phenomena. The MILICZ heat and power plant not only provides heat, one hundred percent produced on the basis of natural gas, which results in no emissions of any dust to the air, but also meets the requirements of the Act of 14 December 2018 on the promotion of electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration.
  • Actions to improve air quality in accordance with the Ecodesign Directive and other legal acts (15)
    Nowadays, we are all aware of the existence of smog. We feel his presence on our own skin, or rather in our own lungs and eyes. But do we know what smog is and how it arises? On October 4, 2018, an ordinance of the Ministry of Energy of September 27, 2018 regarding quality requirements for solid fuels was announced. The regulation defines qualitative requirements for solid fossil fuels.
  • Load lifting devices installed in car workshops - jacks (18)
    Load lifting devices, which are most often installed in vehicle service workshops, are vehicle lifts (jacks), winches and cranes. Such devices, regardless of their country of origin, which are placed on the market and put into service in the European Community, must comply with the relevant legal provisions. Purchasers of hoists, winches or cranes with the intention of distribution or operation should be aware that such devices are subject to European Union directives, in particular the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC. Such devices should bear the CE marking and should be accompanied in the language of the country of use by both operating instructions and EC declarations of conformity.
  • Thickness measurements of pitting corrosion - introduction to the statistical method (22)
    The ultrasonic wall thickness measurement of the device is currently one of the most widespread research techniques. In inspection practice, this measurement, carried out using an ultrasonic thickness gauge, is perceived as a quick and relatively simple operation compared to other currently used testing methods.
  • The Azoty Police Group builds value with safe chemistry based on innovation ... together with the Office of Technical Inspection (27)
    Grupa Azoty, as a producer of useful chemistry, implements modern and comprehensive solutions in the chemical industry, meeting the expectations of customers and becoming part of the challenges of the Polish economy.
  • Research of charging stations and points (33)
    The Office of Technical Inspection, pursuant to the Act on electromobility and alternative fuels and the regulation on technical requirements for charging stations and charging points as part of the charging infrastructure of public road transport, conducts tests of charging stations for electric vehicles and bus charging points, and issues opinions on compliance technical documentation of the designed station with technical requirements.
  • Electric cars at the Office of Technical Inspection (35)
    The development of electric vehicle fleets in companies is in the interest of society as a whole. Company vehicles constitute a significant part of the total number of cars traveling on Polish roads. The condition of our natural environment and air quality largely depend on the extent to which they are ecological.
  • Relations and announcements (36)

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