Problemy Jakości 2018/02

  • Quality of organizational culture of enterprises - reflection on research
    Since the time when in the management science the leading role in obtaining and maintaining the competitive advantage of the organization has been attributed to the soft assets of the company, ie its intangible resources, the issue of organizational culture remains in the sphere of continuous and unflagging interest of theoreticians and practitioners. The influence of organizational culture on the functioning of modern enterprises is analyzed in many aspects.
  • Quality management in Poland compared to other European Union countries
    The practice of quality management is characterized by geographical diversity. For example, the place itself (the country) in which a given product was made often determines the perception of its quality. Products from certain countries, e.g. from Japan and Germany, are assigned a priori high quality, while other products, e.g. Chinese, are considered to be of lower quality. In addition, different trends in individual quality management activities are observed in different countries / regions.
  • Varia
    TOP automotive 2017 conference is behind us! This year's TOP automotive conference, as in previous years, has attracted a large number of people associated with quality in the automotive industry. The event was even more interesting because it was connected with the jubilee of the organizer's decade - Team Prevent Poland.
  • The activities of the WLO WAT Quality Certification Center
    As promised, we provide you with some information on changes, especially in the certification of quality management systems, the environment and occupational health and safety.
  • From the foreign press