Problemy Jakości 2018/03

  • Lean as the only orientation of the pro-client's subject performing the medical activity
    Performing medical services alone, even in the greatest harmony with the tradition developed by the medical professions, is not enough today. In Poland, tasks in the field of health care are carried out by entities performing medical activities, both public and private. Their activity is focused on providing health services and should be implemented taking into account, among others: quality parameters, availability of benefits and management efficiency. The pursuit of strictly medical objectives goes hand in hand with the necessity to achieve non-medical (mainly economic) goals and is a challenge faced by healthcare providers, such as hospitals operating today as entrepreneurs. The European Court of Justice has stated that "the concept of entrepreneur includes any entity engaged in an economic activity, irrespective of the unit's operational status and the manner in which it is financed".
  • Evaluation of the monograph Fri "Pro-quality management in healthcare organizations, Diagnosis and directions of improvement" University of Economics in Katowice, Katowice 2017
    There is an interesting publication on the publishing market Pro-quality management in healthcare organizations. The issues addressed by the Authors concern an important and current topic both from the point of view of science and practice - management and its improvement based on the quality criterion in organizations providing health services. The monograph has been divided into four chapters, parts that complement each other, in which not only theoretical considerations provide a rich background for the presentation of research problems, but above all, accurate and logical conclusions supported by thorough research. They constitute an added value in the discipline of management sciences. The issues raised by the Authors, which should be clearly emphasized, is not easy. This is due to the specificity of health protection, which is characterized by high volatility.
  • Cleaner production as a determinant of the environmental success of enterprises
    In the modern world, in which a lot is said about competition, the problem of quality has become one of the most important issues. A modern organization, regardless of the type of business, should focus on quality, because quality is the basis for effective business operations and is not only a factor of market success, but also a determinant of its culture.
  • Responsible selection of subcontractors in a metallurgical enterprise
    The responsibility of the producer when selecting service subcontractors is connected with incurring certain consequences of the choice made. These consequences may be the result of work done or abstention from their implementation. Responsibility related to the provision of services manifests itself in the form of official, legal and moral responsibility. Corporate responsibility is the result of business subordination in the performance of services by companies belonging to a given capital group. Legal responsibility applies to all entities providing services to the smelter. In the case of legal liability, a description of the consequences for the effects of actions is included in the contract, order, contract and applicable provisions, eg: in the labor code, construction law, technological standards, product standards. The aim of the publication is to present the procedure for selection of work contractors in the aspect of "Quality in Practice". Responsible selection of subcontractors in a responsible steel business enterprise. Applied practices emerge subcontractors' work in metallurgical enterprises and became the basis for the preparation of this article.
  • Shaping the quality of polyurethane materials
    The quality of the polymer material depends on the conditions of the synthesis - from the cleanness and stoichiometric number of starting substrates, the appropriate selection of conditions (temperature, pressure, time, catalyst used), leading to the complete conversion of functional groups. The material is then obtained with the desired molecular weight and properties suitable for the intended application.